Mr. Larkin: Copenhagen via San Francisco

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon the website Mr. Larkin, but I’m so glad I did! It’s a well-curated site that sells women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. Turns out that it started right here in San Francisco in 2008. Their own clothing line was made locally for three years. The founder, Casey Larkin Blond, then took a little family hiatus, and re-opened the business in Copenhagen in 2013 (where she still focuses on local production).

Mr. Larkin now has a brick-and-mortar store in Copenhagen as well, which opened in August 2014. The site sells a variety of indie brands, and they all definitely have a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic. I love the distinct voice in their merchandise, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces of  fashion jewelry they are offering.

Erin Considine Teller Collar

erin considine teller collar
Vibe Harslof Pearl Wrap Earring

vibe harslof pearl wrap earring
Pamela Love Telepathy Ring

pamela love telepathy ring
Vibe Harslof Cuff

vibe harslof hand cuff
Gabriela Artigas Infinate Tusk Ring

gabriela artigas infinite tust ring
Pamela Love Gravitation Earring

pamela love gravitation earring
Quarry Bancroft Ring

quarry bancroft ring
Quarry Kraltz Collar

quarry kraltz collar
So what do you think? Are these pieces that speak to your personal style? If so, you’re in luck, as this company ships worldwide, with bases in both Denmark and Houston, Texas. Happy shopping!

Accessorize Me: Track Pants

Yep, you read that right…track pants. And I’m not referring tothe version we wore in the 80’s, with wide legs in shiny polyester and contrasting stripes down the side. Instead, I’m talking about a much more refined version, which has taken the leap from the gym to the street. With their relaxed shape, often with an elastic or drawstring waist and fitted ankles, they are becoming a definite staple in many people’s closets (including mine!), and I’m here to show you how to make it work for you, whether your style is more casual and urban, or more sophisticated and uptown. There are countless versions of track pants out there, from Trouve to Eileen Fisher. For the sake of this post, I’ve selected a lovely silk charmeuse pair from T by Alexander Wang. (And don’t forget, if something in this article piques your curiosity, all the links are right there for you to click on.)

T by Alexander Wang track pants
First lets take this look a bit edgy. First, paring the pants with a fun, graphic sweater by Joie sets the tone that this person likes to have fun and be a little bit quirky.

joie eloisa nightowl knit scoop-neck sweater
This look definitely calls for a sneaker, and I think this interpretation of the slip-on variety by DV by Dolce Vita is perfect.

DV by Dolce Vita perforated slip-on sneaker
Now, for the bling. Let’s start with the ears. I’m loving the ear climber trend (Click here if you missed my article about this.) and think this mis-matched pair by Luv AJ is awesome.

luv aj petite punk asymmetrical earrings
I’d forego a necklace with this ensemble, since the graphic design in the sweater is statement enough. I would add at least a couple bracelets, though. These two would be a nice stack, and then you can even add more from your own jewelry box. The first is by Vita Fede, and the chunky chain is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

vita fede mini titan two tone crystal bracelet
marc by marc jacobs turnlock small katie bracelet
Sticking with the black, grey and silver theme, I think this ring by Lauren Wolf is a great choice. Don’t you love the pattern in the rutialted quartz?

lauren wolf octagon ring
But of course, we don’t want to be completely in neutrals, right? So throw on a chic cross body in your color of choice! Here’s an example by Rag & Bone that would definitely add some umph to the ensemble.

rag & bone mini pilot bag
I think you’ve now gotten the gist of this look. And remember, if you are drawn to this look, but you don’t think it’s quite your personal style, it’s easy to adapt it for your own personality. Not a fan of the graphic sweater? Then opt for a solid one. Really not into asymmetry on your earlobes? Then wear a pair of earrings that you like. Make sense?

Ok, so now for a more polished look, using the same pair of pants. For this version, I started with a sleeveless silk blouse by Theory. I like that it’s a bit fitted around the waist, which will give a nice shape when paired with the pants.

theory camara tweed print silk top
Most of my clients have found a fabulous leather jacket to incorporate into their wardrobe. If you think all leather jackets are “biker” with lots of hardware, then you need to hit the stores and see the wide range of options there are out there (including many faux-leather jackets). Vince makes some of my favorite styles, always with butter-soft leather and sleek styling. (And they just added sizes XXS and XL to their size run–yea!) True, they are an investment, but remember my whole cost-per-wear philosophy. If you pay a lot of money for something that you use ALL the time, then the cost-per-wear is much smaller than if you invest a lot in an item that you only wear once or twice. (Remember that black-tie dress hanging in the back of your closet from 10 years ago that you’ve only worn once?! And how much did it cost? Just sayin’…)

vince leather scuba jacket
Selecting a higher heel shoe elevates this whole look (no pun intended), and I like this open-toe sling bootie by Vince Camuto. It’s quite lovely, and the cut would elongate the leg. Yes, choosing an open shoe for fall definitely shows that I live in California! If you live in a region that actually has weather (Rain? I forgot what that is!), then a closed toe bootie or pump would be just fine as well.

vince camuto kaela open toe slingback bootie
For jewelry, I started with finding the perfect necklace, and I found it in this crystal montage by Lulu Frost. It’s a little bit vintage, a little bit rocker, has some color and sparkle, and I think it would fill in the neckline of the blouse quite fabulously!

lulu frost emergence necklace
Keeping with the angular lines in the necklace, I chose this pair of earrings by Campbell for a complimentary look.

campbell flame stud earrings

Here’s how they look on the ear.

campbell flame studs
Next, it was a toss-up for bracelets and/or rings. I’m thinking that I’d do one or the other, but if your style is “more is more,” then you may just opt for both. They carry the same angular design motif, creating harmony in line and design. The bracelet is from Pamela Love, and Michael Kors designed the ring.

pamela love balance cuff bracelet
michael kors open delicate arrow ring
I like the idea of adding a bag that picks up the color in the necklace, and this one by Time’s Arrow is very chic.

time's arrow ishi small wristlet
So there you have it…track pants dressed up and down, yet both most definitely stylish. So tell me, can you see yourself trying out this silhouette? I’d love to hear from you.

Ear Cuffs: Growing Jewelry Trend!

I first started seeing ear cuffs on the runway, from Dries Van Noten to Katie Gallagher.

Bedazzled Ear at Dries
Bedazzled Ear at Dries

Nimue Ear Cuff
Nimue Ear Cuff

And then I started seeing celebrities, such as Alicia Keys wearing them as well! I believe that Alicia is wearing a diamond embellished one by Repossi.

Alicia Keys looking glamorous
Alicia Keys looking glamorous

Upon further research, I’ve learned that there are ear cuffs and ear wraps, and many use the terms interchangeably. Some don’t require you to have any piercings at all, such as this one by Pamela Love. (In this photo the ear cuff is worn in combination with a stud earring.)

Maia Vine Ear Cuff
Maia Vine Ear Cuff

D’Alatrou makes a variety of ear cuffs and wraps. This one is quite lovely, and again, it doesn’t require any piercings.

Creative, for sure!
Creative, for sure!

Ryan Storer has a very embellished version — check it out!


Other varieties of ear cuffs do require that you have some piercings. For example, this Hello Kitty piece has a chain that connects your basic ear piercing to a cartilage piercing further up your ear. Not quite my cup of tea, but I know there are zillions of Hello Kitty lovers out there!

This one requires two piercings
This one requires two piercings

While I’m not sold on this whole trend, I can certainly appreciate the creativity of others. And if I were to try it out, I’d probably go for something uber-simple, like this woman did.

Minimalist version
Minimalist version

So what about you? Is this a jewelry trend that you’re going to embrace? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Spring 2013 Trend: Spikes

Now I know that when most of you think about spiked jewelry, your mind likely goes to a punk-rock sort of look, complete with black nail polish and a black leather biker jacket. But spiked jewelry has really morphed into a mainstream phenomenon this spring, with looks ranging from rocker to more refined. In addition, there’s quite a variety in the type of spike, from the long, pointy ones to those that more resemble a little pyramid.

Take a look at this ensemble. While it is a bold use of spiked bracelets, it comes across more feminine when combined with the teal skirt and the lady-like chain handled bag.

This is an ecclectic way to incorporate spikes
This is an ecclectic way to incorporate spikes

Here’s another, more subtle way, to wear the trend with bracelets. This gal was at the Trina Turk store in Burlingame, and she combined some of her Trina Turk enameled bracelets with her others for a lovely look.

Subtle "edge" to this stack
Subtle “edge” to this stack

So sport an avantgarde look in the realm of spikes, this bracelet by RK New York would certainly do the trick.

Luxe alligator
Luxe alligator

If you want to add just the “tiniest” bit of this trend to your outfit, then you might like this simple, yet versatile cuff by Vita Fede. Who knew spikes could be so sweet and delicate?!

Great scale cuff for stacking
Great scale cuff for stacking

This trend is not limited to your wrists. There are a wide array of spiked earrings out there. This lovely rose gold and diamond pair by Majolie would be a more sophisticated way to explore the trend.

Rose gold is also very hot!
Rose gold is also very hot!

Not quite minimal, yet not overly “spiked,” is this pair by Viv and Ingrid.

Spike Thread Earrings
Spike Thread Earrings

Whereas this pair by Topshop is definitely more of a statement.

A bolder earring choice
A bolder earring choice

But don’t let us neglect the neck! Necklaces galore are showing their spikes, such as these two layered necklaces by Pamela Love. Instead of a rocker or refined look, it veers more towards the bohemian vibe.

Love these!
Love these!

And if color is your thing, then you’re in luck too. Spikes are combined with every color of the rainbow this season! Here’s one by Sara Designs.

I like the color combination
I like the color combination

As you can see, this is a trend that may appeal to many different personal styles! You can find pieces at virtually every price point, so have fun exploring, and send me photos if you find the perfect piece for you!!