Fringe Earrings for Spring 2018

I think I first fell in love with fringe back in grade school, when one of my dance recital costumes had red fringe all around the skirt. I would just twirl and shake to see it dance in my bedroom mirror. What really drew me in was the movement; it was mesmerizing. This feeling is translated in a plethora of fringe earrings this season. You really get the full effect of the fringe in the form of an earring, as it sways with each movement of your head. (unlike in a necklace, where it can be a more static look, but still lovely) I’ve gathered up nine different designs to share with you. The first I got to see in person at the Sorellina booth at Couture. So fun!

Sorellina Axl ear jackets

Unhada earrings

Long fringe earrings by Jack + G

Hannah Keefe Swoosh Dangle earring

Amalfi grey diamond earrings

Sydney Evan bar chain earrings

Viola.Y Jewelry fringe drop earring

Grain Morton Mae West earrings

Meira T earrings

Sydney Evan long fringe stud lash earring

You can see there’s a real range out there, from minimalist to ornate, kitschy to modern, and varying in scale. Do any of them strike your fancy? Do you have any fringe in your jewelry box? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Enamored with Enamel Jewelry

What do you think of enamel jewelry? Personally, until a couple years ago, I hadn’t given it much thought. But with its resurgence in popularity, I’m becoming a big fan!! Certainly enamel is nothing new, as it dates back to the 13th Century BC! (If you want to read more about the history, Lang Antiques has an amazing article about enamel jewelry.) Basically enamel is when a certain type of glass, called an allochromatic, is fused to the metal below. You may be familiar with Closionee and Champleve, which are two popular types of enamel.

Today, some jewelers are really taking this tricky technique to new heights, mixing enamel with jewels and themes that really make what’s old new again. Foundrae is one company that really has melded enamel, gold and meaningful talismans together. Here’s their Dark Blossom cuff.

Erica Molinari combines my love of momento mori and enamel in a new type of heirloom ring.

Just about a month ago I visited August in Los Angeles, and tried on this incredible emerald ring from Alice Cicolini. Not only is the peacock pattern on the side of the ring fab, but the red rim of enamel around the emerald really makes it pop!

Brooke Gregson adds a whole new dimension to enamel work with hand engraving. She said, “It is really tough to create an enamel that also can enhance the engraving and I feel this piece was successful in doing so!” Agreed, Brooke — it’s awesome!

When I first met Marc Alary back in 2015, I wrote all about his jewelry featuring animals. Now, I’m a bit obsessed with his rings with accents of enamel and diamonds. I can’t decide which design is my favorite!

Through For Future Reference, Sarah Hendler’s earrings are now on my radar. Love the touch of violet enamel on these one-of-a-kind peridot earrings.

Buddha Mama has really been expanding their enamel collection. Personally, I dig this evil eye ring. How about you?

Enamel can even play into an engagement ring, as seen in this spectacular diamond ring from Selim Mouzannar.

But let’s not forget that enamel was quite popular during the Georgian era as well. This past summer I picked up this white enamel mourning ring from Lucy Verity. She taught me that the white enamel signifies that the person died young and/or unmarried. The inscription inside is still very clear, so I must research who this man was who perished too soon.

As you can see, there’s an extremely wide array of enamel jewelry out there. Have you been noticing it where you live? Or perhaps you already have some in your jewelry box? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Sculptural Bracelets for Spring

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit Angela’s in Menlo Park, one of the most chic, well-curated stores in the Bay Area. Angela has such an eye for sourcing the unique. Given that I shop pretty much every day (no joke!), it takes quite a bit to turn my head and pique my interest. This is exactly what happened when I spied her case of Goossens Paris jewelry. Not only was it a brand I’ve never heard of, but I loved it! These two bracelets particularly had me reaching for my iPhone to take a photo. (If you want to learn more about these pieces, you can contact Angela’s at 650-323-7410)

goossens paris bracelets
I love how bold they are, and they’re SO easy to blend with any outfit with the rock crystal. (Yes, I’m showing my obsession with rock crystal again!) And the price points? VERY reasonable. I think incorporating fashion jewelry in with fine jewelry is the way to go. Not only does is create a varied, layered look, but it’s much easier on the budget as well.

This got me inspired to take a look online to see what other sculptural bracelets I could find. I discovered many options, and they really suit a variety of personal styles. In no particular order, here’s 10 different designs. Perhaps one will pique your interest?

Marni color block leather cuff

marni colorblock leather cuff
Proenza Schouler cube bangle bracelet

proenza schouler cube bangle bracelet
Nest blond horn rotating disc cuff bracelet

nest jewelry blonde horn rotating disc cuff bracelet
Eddie Borgo safety chain cuff bracelet (It also comes in a rose gold tone.)

eddie borgo safety chain cuff bracelet
Elizabeth and James Connolly cuff

elizabeth and james connolly cuff
Alexis Bittar crystal-framed lucite cuff

alexis bittar crystal-framed lucite cuff bracelet
Alexis Bittar large liquid metal dome bangle

alexis bittar large liquid metal dome bangle
Morpheus cuff from Sundance Catalogue

morpheus cuff from the sundance catalogue
Lulu Frost jardin cuff bracelet

lulu frost jardin cuff bracelet
House of Lavande Kemala crystal bangle bracelet

house of lavande kemala crystal bangle bracelet
None of these are fine jewelry, yet I think they all give a pretty big look for the investment. Could you see yourself wearing any of them? Perhaps you’re a long-time bold bracelet aficionado? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Delicate Ankle Bracelets

I’m trying to get over my images of delicate ankle bracelets from the 1980’s — typically gold and often worn UNDERNEATH panty hose, as if the bracelet was being held hostage behind a nylon prison. It’s a look I really dislike. But now, come summer 2016, I’m seeing a variation which appeals to me. I think Jacquie Aiche is one of the queens of ankle bracelets (among other things), and this image from her Instagram feed captures the feel perfectly.

jacquie aiche ankle bracelets
Granted, most people wouldn’t opt for wearing all of these pieces at once, and most people have to wear shoes, but isn’t it so pretty? Like a bohemian goddess.

Then I noticed this photo on the Gachon Pothier feed out of Paris. This is a look I can definitely see myself wearing, especially since I already own black Birkenstocks. I think the little jewels are very sweet.

gachon pothier anklets
Seeing these images from people I follow, I set out on a little Instagram search to see who else was in on this trend. Well, Kim Van de Sande from the Netherlands is, and I like how she makes it sporty with her cool white and gold Adidas.

kim van de sande from the netherlands
Laura Sole (Zora by l) out of Brussels, Belgium, is also pairing a delicate anklet with her sneakers.

zora by l ankle bracelet
And aren’t these two by Kebu Jewelry really just little necklaces for your ankles? (I think this designer is out of Istanbul, but I’m not totally sure, as I can’t read the language her site is written in.)

kebu jewelry ankle bracelets
What’s your opinion of the trend? Personally, I’m liking the carefree/sporty vibe. But perhaps it’s really not your cup of tea? Do you think it suits a certain age group or personal style? Please do share your opinions in the comment section below.

The Bold Chokers for Spring 2016

Back in October 2014, I wrote an article about chokers. At that time, the trend was leaning toward more delicate varieties. While these are certainly still very wearable today, I’ve noticed that chokers are going bold, big time. These larger-scale versions are making it off the fashion runway and onto the street.

With the longevity I’ve seen the past couple years, I’m thinking that chokers are no longer a trend, but rather a viable jewelry staple. I’ve done a bit of online investigating and wanted to share a range of designs with you. Perhaps one will strike your fancy?

Jennifer Fisher Abstract Line Choker (Photo from her Instagram feed)

jennifer fisher abstract line choker
Eddie Borgo Safety-Chain Silver-Plated Choker

eddie borgo safety chain choker
Stella McCartney Acrylic Knot Collar Necklace

stella mccartney acrylic knot collar necklace
Kenneth Jay Lane 3-Band Collar Necklace

kenneth jay lane 3 band collar necklace
Jason Wu 24K Engraved Bar Choker Necklace

jason wu 24K engraved bar choker necklace
Givenchy Star Choker in pale gold and silver

givenchy star choker in pale gold and silver tone
Marina Rinaldi Laico Choker Necklace, Plus Size (Yay to that!!)

marina rinaldi laico choker necklace
Balenciaga Asymmetric Bow Collar

balenciaga asymmetric bow collar
Sophie Buhai Anais Choker

sophie buhai anais choker
So tell me — are chokers part of your jewelry wardrobe? If not, could you envision incorporating one this season? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ankle Bracelets and Cuffs

I remember when those thin, gold chain ankle bracelets were all the rage back in the 1980’s. I still unfortunately sometimes see them still worn (under suntan hose even!), but I think the idea has morphed into something new — dare I say MUCH bolder. This was the look on the Calvin Klein spring/summer 2016 runway.

cavlin klein spring/summer 16 runway
I’m not sure I could pull it off personally, but I think it’s a much more current interpretation of the ankle bracelet idea. And what about this rendition? I found this on Very boho-meets-sporty, if that’s your personal style.
Then, there’s the version where you wear a solid cuff on each ankle. While I’m trying not to see shackles or those prison-issued ankle bracelets, I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around this one.

ankle cuffs
ankle cuffs
I think I might like it better if it was only worn on one ankle, not both. What about you? What’s your opinion on the trend? Are you going to head to your jewlery box to see what bracelets you have that would fit around your ankle? Or will you just let this one pass? I’m oh, so curious!

Jewelry Box Basics: Brooches

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a “Jewelry Box Basics” article. In case you weren’t around when I began the series or need a little refresher, here’s what it’s all about. Based upon my 17+ years as an image consultant and wardrobe stylist, I’ve identified six different personal styles: the lady who lunches, the bohemian, the rock star, the minimalist, the romantic, and the trendy gal. Granted, most people don’t fit exactly into any one box, but you can use these styles as a framework for assessing your own style, and what you may want in your jewelry box. (Click on each type to see the original articles with descriptions.)

With brooches being heralded as all the rage for fall/winter 2015, I thought it would be fun to investigate how each style might interpret this trend…because trust me, everyone will select a different permutation! So here are some ideas based on these different styles.

The Lady Who Lunches

She is feminine, loves her diamonds, and she needs a brooch that will go to a daytime charity luncheon or to a cocktail party.

Lanvin textured rose tie pin

lanvin textured rose tie pin
Balenciaga silver tone crystal brooch

balenciaga silver-tone crystal brooch
The Bohemian

Color and texture are the name of the game.

Robin Mollicone safety pin brooch

robin mollicone angelite:smoky crystal stone drop safety pin
Erickson Beamon Stratosphere pin

erickson beamon stratosphere crystal & faux pearl pin
The Rock Star

Black, skulls, chains…it’s all good!

Alexis Bittar pyrite heart pin

alexis bittar pyrite punk pin
Alexander McQueen skull brooch

alexander mcqueen skull brooch
The Minimalist

I struggled with the thought of a minimalist even opting to don a brooch, but then I found a couple that may work.

Erin Considine Kata pin

erin considine kata pin
Marni pin

marni gold-plated and resin brooch
The Romantic

Cameos are a given for this personal style, so here are a couple non-cameo ideas.

Adriana Orsini deco pin

adriana orsini deco pave crystal long pin
Miriam Haskell Vata brooch set

miriam haskell vata brooch set
The Trendy Gal

This one is willing to try the latest trend — she goes for fun and whimsy!

Sonia Rykiel pin

sonia rykiel pin
Saint Laurent set of eight

saint laurent set of eight silver and gold-plated brooches
So what do you think? Can you envision yourself wearing any of these? Do you have something already in your jewelry box that you’re going to put back into the rotation? Do tell!

Shoelace Jewelry

No, I’m not kidding, and I have NEVER heard of this until I randomly came across these unique Mirit Weinstock eyelash shoe pieces on Mr. Larkin!!

mirit weinstock eyelash shoelace piece
mirit weinstock eyelash shoe piece
So cute, right? How is it that I’ve never thought of adding a little bling to my shoes since putting a shiny penny in my Bass loafers, circa 1982?

They are also selling this piece by Vibe Harslof.

vibe harslof shoelace piece
This, of course, sent me on a long, winding path through the Internet to see what else I could find. While I must say these two designers seem to have MUCH more chicness than others I saw, I did come across one other fabulous option. Kansas City Kreations sells a sporty version on her Etsy shop.

kansas city kreations shoelace plate
How perfect are these for your workout shoes? You can get a variety of inspirational words, or create your own saying. With the holidays right around the corner, this could be the perfect stocking stuffer for the athlete in your life.

Am I the last one on the block to know about shoelace jewelry? Do you own any? Have you seen it on the street? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Accessorize Me: Bejeweled Sneakers

Many people associate sneakers with the gym or uber-casual clothing, but I’m here to tell you that you can really elevate your sneaker look. A few years ago, I spotted many stylish sneaker looks on women in Stockholm and Copenhagen. With the increasing popularity of sneakers here in the States, I even started a whole Pinterest board last fall called Sneaker Chic.

The key to looking pulled together is pairing them with an outfit with clean lines and in predominantly solid neutrals. Slip-on styles appear a bit dressier than lace-up options. And yes, you can even wear them with skirts and dresses if you’ve got the formula correct.

With fall merchandise now arriving in the stores, I’ve noticed many pairs of bejeweled sneakers on the shelves. Since I’ve often written about how blingy shoes and bags definitely count as jewelry in an outfit, I thought I’d give you some ideas of how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. And of course, both of these outfits I’m going to show you can easily be worn with a simpler, non-jeweled pair of sneakers as well.

First of all, here’s a sampling of what I’ve seen coming in at a variety of price points. Definitely jewelry for your feet, right?!

Lanvin crystal-embellished skate sneaker

lanvin crystal-embellished skate sneaker
Halogen Turner slip-on sneaker

halogen turner slip-on sneaker
Miu-Miu jeweled cap-toe skate shoe

miu-miu jeweled cap-toe skate shoes
Kenneth Cole Reaction Salt King slip-on sneakers

kenneth cole reaction salt king slip-on sneakers
Now that you’ve got an idea of what’s out there, I first want to show you how to pair them with pants. I’d choose a slim (but not too skinny) pant that hits a couple inches above the ankle. J.Crew has a nice option in stretch black wool. This is a weight that’s suitable most of the year here in California. (note: Wear the sneakers either bare-foot or with peds — you don’t want socks showing, or it’ll wreck the look.)

j.crew paley pant
This would look great with a long vest, or as some retailers are calling them, “sleeveless coats.” I think the cut and neutral color of this one by Alexander Wang is hot. If this isn’t your color, there are many other options out there. (I just saw a couple at Zara last week.) Even a cool blazer would work if you prefer sleeves.

alexander wang long vest
If it’s still warm, then you can easily wear this with a black tank. If it’s a bit cooler, or you’d like to make it more work-appropriate, then wearing it with a simple knit, such as this one from Vince, is a nice option.

vince skiny rib tee
Now that you’ve got this base of solid colors, then it’s time to add some jewelry (My favorite part!). But I don’t want it to be too complicated or distracting, as then it’ll detract from the sneakers. I saw these silver egg necklaces by Sophie Buhai online, and I’m sort of obsessed with them. They come in two lengths, and I think the longer one would be ideal with the long vest.

sohpie buhai egg pendant
Then you’ve got to keep it simple with the earrings. I would recommend cool studs and perhaps a subtle ear cuff for a little edge, depending on your personal style. Here are possibilities by John Hardy (black chalcedony studs) and an ear cuff by Campbell.

john hardy black chalcedony stud earrings
campbell small ear cuff
The Spinelli Kilcollin Andromeda ring has exactly the right vibe for this outfit. If you’re not familiar with his designs, they can be worn stacked on one finger, or spread out among multiple fingers. (Check out this article about my Spinelli Kilcollin ring.)

spinelli kilcollin andromeda ring
spinelli kilcollin ring
I like the idea of a menswear-inspired watch to go with the vest. Shinola (made in the USA!) has a classic design called the Runwell.

shinola runwell watch
The finishing touch is a sleek clutch by Alexander Wang. I like the touch of grey to add some dimension to the outfit and resonate with the crystals on the sneakers. It makes everything not so matchy-matchy.

alexander wang prisma flat pouch

So now let’s take it a different direction — how to wear sneakers with a dress. Again, I’m going to say keep it simple and clean with the outfit. This will make you look modern and sophisticated. For the dress, I chose this Rag & Bone ribbed stretch-wool design.

rag & bone alanna ribbed strech wool-blend midi dress
For both a little warmth and style, wear it with a close-fitting leather jacket.

veda dali leather jacket
You have options for necklaces. You can either go with a shorter necklace with some punch, or a longer silhouette. I opted again for a longer style, this one by Erin Considine, as I like how it elongates the visual line and gives a little texture to the ensemble. I also like how the gold warms everything up.

erin considine round mirror necklace
These Amber Sceats earrings are a homage to the Dior originals, which do in fact appear to be coming a classic. (Who knew?) They are meant to be worn with the larger ball behind the ear.

amber sceats front to back earrings
amber sceats earrings
Picking up on the gold, I’d add this large ring by Jennifer Fisher. Feel free to go for more than one ring, if that suits you.

jennifer fisher crinkle gold-plated ring
Chloe has a new bag out, and I think it would rock with this outfit.

chloe goldie small leather shoulder bag
The result of all these pieces put together is a sophisticated, urban woman-on-the-go. Is this your personal style?

If you could see yourself creating some sneaker ensembles, I encourage you to go play in your closet a bit and see what you can come up with. Use these ideas, and the looks on my Sneaker Chic board as inspiration, and then see how you can adapt it to your own style.

Keep your budget in mind, and remember the cost-per-wear principal. If it’s something you’ll wear a ton, then the cost-per-wear will go down and it’ll be a better investment. If it’s an item that will be worn infrequently, then see if you can find a less expensive version that will give you the same look.

And if your are so NOT a sneaker gal and you’d rather wear heels, then go for it! As with any fashion trend, it’s all about staying true to you!

Ear Jackets For Beginners

While on the plane home from Jewelry Week in Las Vegas, I started writing down my observations on the trends I saw. Most definitely ear jackets are very on point right now, and I think they will be growing in popularity in the months to come. (WWD was clearly on the same page, as they published an article about it on Monday. Unfortunately, since I don’t subscribe, I wasn’t able to read the article. Know what any overlap in content is purely coincidental!) Exploring ways to creatively adorn the ear has been extremely on trend, staring with the resurgence of multiple piercings and ear climbers. Ear jackets are just the next step in this evolution. In fact, while perusing the jewelry counter at Sak’s yesterday, look what the woman next to me was donning in her lovely lobe!

diamond ear jacket
With the assistance of Kathy, the kind saleswoman at Sak’s, I tried on this spiked “Ice Pick” jacket by Jacquie Aiche.

jacquie aiche ear jacket
You may be wondering how these work. Basically, you take a stud earring, and then thread the ear jacket through the post behind your ear. Some jackets come with a coordinating stud, but in the case of the one I tried on, the jacket is sold separately, and you can use it with any stud you already have. Here’s what it looks like on its own.

jacquie aiche ear jacket
You may be wondering why there are three different holes you can use. This is because there are a range in sizes and shapes of earlobes, and this design is made to accommodate a variety of ears. If you remember back to middle school biology class, you may recall learning about detached (the dominant gene) and attached (the recessive gene) earlobes. Both look great with ear jackets, so you just need to find the correct fit for you.


Which type do you have?
Which type do you have?

There is also a plethora of styles out there to choose from, from the very subtle to some real statements. Here’s a little taste of different styles. Do any of them inspire you to try this trend?

House of Harlow Warrior ear jackets

house of harlow warrior ear jackets
Gorjana Lucia ear jackets

gorjana lucia ear jacket
Five and Two Cleo sterling silver ear jackets

five and two cleo sterling silver ear jackets
Jacquie Aiche Bar stud and Sunburst ear jacket

jacquie aiche bar stud and starburst ear jacket
Vince Camuto sphere ear jackets

vince camuto sphere ear jackets
Ca & Lou Alexa ear jackets

ca & lou alexa ear jackets
Katie Diamond Ione ear jackets

Katie Diamond Ione ear jacket
Vita Fede Titan ear jacket and stud set

vita fede titan ear jacket and stud set
Elizabeth and James Lewitt ear jackets

elizabeth and james lewitt ear jackets
Jacquie Aiche Milgrain Cluster ear jacket

jacquie aiche milgrain cluster ear jacket
None of these are fine jewelry, but I think fashion jewelry is a great way to go if you’re trying out a trend to see if it works for you. Then when you’re confident the style resonates, it’s a great time to invest in the fine jewelry versions, such as the one I tried on at Sak’s.

You’ll also notice that some of these are sold in pairs, while others are sold individually, or with a coordinating stud. This is one of the great things about current earring trends — things don’t have to be symmetrical. You have license to get as creative as you want!