ELUP4 — The Roman Collection

What a treat to go into my e-mail inbox and find out about a NEW jewelry collection! Thanks to Kellie from Elu on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, I got an inside look at ELUP4, a jewelry collaboration between Cristina Nicoletti, Elu’s founder and creative director, and Evan Sugerman from Parts of 4.

ELUP4 rings
Although the look has visual weight, the pieces themselves are actually quite light, being made from a composite of silver, brass and bronze. The result is a metal which has a very unique patina. You may wonder where the whole idea originated. It came from a ring that Cristina has worn for many years, a 2000 year old Israeli artifact found in an archaeological dig. (Wow!) Evan was able to disect the ring to see how it was made and use this knowledge to co-create the line.

ELUP4 jewelry
The jewelry incorporates stones such as labradorite, quartz, raw diamonds and fossilized coal.

ELUP4 rings
The price points in the collection range from $150 to $1800, and are currently available at Elu stores in San Francisco, Melrose (LA), and Aspen.

ELUP4 bracelets
ELUP4 jewelry
They are also taking custom orders if you’d like a design in gold with precious stones. Of course, the price point would reflect the materials. So what do you think? Does this collection resonate with your personal style? If so, then head over to one of the locations I mentioned and try it on for yourself!

ELUP4 bracelet

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  1. I really like these pieces as well and the link bracelets are really appealing!! Thanks for sharing this designer.

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