Jewelry Box Basics: Brooches

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a “Jewelry Box Basics” article. In case you weren’t around when I began the series or need a little refresher, here’s what it’s all about. Based upon my 17+ years as an image consultant and wardrobe stylist, I’ve identified six different personal styles: the lady who lunches, the bohemian, the rock star, the minimalist, the romantic, and the trendy gal. Granted, most people don’t fit exactly into any one box, but you can use these styles as a framework for assessing your own style, and what you may want in your jewelry box. (Click on each type to see the original articles with descriptions.)

With brooches being heralded as all the rage for fall/winter 2015, I thought it would be fun to investigate how each style might interpret this trend…because trust me, everyone will select a different permutation! So here are some ideas based on these different styles.

The Lady Who Lunches

She is feminine, loves her diamonds, and she needs a brooch that will go to a daytime charity luncheon or to a cocktail party.

Lanvin textured rose tie pin

lanvin textured rose tie pin
Balenciaga silver tone crystal brooch

balenciaga silver-tone crystal brooch
The Bohemian

Color and texture are the name of the game.

Robin Mollicone safety pin brooch

robin mollicone angelite:smoky crystal stone drop safety pin
Erickson Beamon Stratosphere pin

erickson beamon stratosphere crystal & faux pearl pin
The Rock Star

Black, skulls, chains…it’s all good!

Alexis Bittar pyrite heart pin

alexis bittar pyrite punk pin
Alexander McQueen skull brooch

alexander mcqueen skull brooch
The Minimalist

I struggled with the thought of a minimalist even opting to don a brooch, but then I found a couple that may work.

Erin Considine Kata pin

erin considine kata pin
Marni pin

marni gold-plated and resin brooch
The Romantic

Cameos are a given for this personal style, so here are a couple non-cameo ideas.

Adriana Orsini deco pin

adriana orsini deco pave crystal long pin
Miriam Haskell Vata brooch set

miriam haskell vata brooch set
The Trendy Gal

This one is willing to try the latest trend — she goes for fun and whimsy!

Sonia Rykiel pin

sonia rykiel pin
Saint Laurent set of eight

saint laurent set of eight silver and gold-plated brooches
So what do you think? Can you envision yourself wearing any of these? Do you have something already in your jewelry box that you’re going to put back into the rotation? Do tell!

Jewelry Box Basics: The Trendy Gal

I cannot believe this is already the final article in my six-part series “Jewelry Box Basics.” Talking about what jewelry you should have in your jewelry box based on your personal style, I’ve covered the lady who lunches, the bohemian, the rock star, the minimalist and the romantic. Now, it’s time for the woman who’s all about the latest trends. You may notice that some of the pieces I feature in this article could easily fit into one of the other categories. This makes perfect sense, as each season there will be jewelry trends that appeal to different personal styles. For instance, when I wrote the article about this spring’s big spike trend, you just know that the rock star is all over that one! Please remember that no one fits into just one box. We are each unique, and it’s wonderful to explore the different facets of our own style, from clothing to jewelry. Don’t worry about the price tag on the pieces — just use the item as a springboard for your own interpretation at the price point that’s comfortable for you.

I’m writing this particular post from a personal perspective. Since there are SO many jewelry trends out there, I decided to chose things in each category that are on my own wish list — things that I would actually love to wear. Some items have a bohemian edge, others a little rock star…enjoy.

There’s nothing truly “basic” in a trendy fashionista’s jewelry box, right down to her watch. The past couple years we’ve seen white ceramic watches become increasingly popular. I like Michele’s interpretation, which of course is bedazzled with some diamonds.

Chic and on trend!
Chic and on trend!

But seeing that color, especially in the neon range, is hot-hot-hot, I’d also have to add this day-glo watch by Marc Jacobs. What a great pop of color with a neutral outfit!


I have to say that I’m getting a little obsessed with bold cuffs. I actually think this trend will easily transition into fall, so picking up a nice one might be a good investment. When I was at Barney’s the other day, I tried on this stunner by Celine. The mixed metals, the rounded studs, and the weight of it were just divine. No, I didn’t get it, but it’s currently #1 on my jewelry lust list!!

Yes, I'm coveting this!
Yes, I’m coveting this!

I’m also loving this metal and horn creation by Maiyet. I can easily envision one on each wrist with an all-white outfit.

Strong design!
Strong design!

There is definitely a growing trend in multiple-finger rings. The key to this trend is not to just grab any old rings out of your jewelry box and pile them on, but rather curate a handful that has a similar theme. Many designers are now selling a set of 5 rings, one for each finger! Balenciaga is one such line that has a stunning group. I’ve yet to see them in person, but they’re everywhere in the media! I wish I knew where to check them out — not even their website offers them….they are elusive…


A couple trends are beckoning to me this season. The first is all about color. Colored and painted crystals are showing up everywhere from H&M to Neiman Marcus. This pair by Dannijo is cited as their “mohawk moment” — love that!

Punk meets vintage
Punk meets vintage

I’m also really enjoying the “new” shape of chandelier earrings. They have a long, thin silhouette, as opposed to the wider designs of a few years ago. This diamond and chain pair by The Woods is a perfect example of this. It can be easily worn with jeans or a cocktail dress. Boy would they look great in my jewelry box! 😉

SO versatile!
SO versatile!

I’ve got to come back to the colored crystal trend for the necklace choice as well. The Courtney Lee Collection has designed some trendy, yet very wearable pieces this season. Take this necklace, for instance. Style it with a denim shirt and white jeans, and suddenly you look completely put together. Just one key piece of jewelry can really make an outfit.

The crystal/chain combo is genius
The crystal/chain combo is genius

J.Crew always has a great selection of on-trend jewelry as well. Here’s one of their necklaces with a similar feel.

Great color combination
Great color combination

Here’s what you have to be really careful about when you are a trendsetter. You need to strategically think about the cost-per-wear of each piece before you buy it. Some trends will be just a flash in the pan. If you spend tons of money on something like that, then it may not be a wise investment. But if it’s something that truly makes your heart sing, works with the majority of your wardrobe, and you can see it lasting or being mixed with other pieces in the future, then it may be a wiser expenditure. These sorts of pieces really can end up being your jewelry signature, so it’s worth it. Do you think you’ll be investing in any trendy jewelry this season? Do tell! Inquiring minds want to know…