Delicate Ankle Bracelets

I’m trying to get over my images of delicate ankle bracelets from the 1980’s — typically gold and often worn UNDERNEATH panty hose, as if the bracelet was being held hostage behind a nylon prison. It’s a look I really dislike. But now, come summer 2016, I’m seeing a variation which appeals to me. I think Jacquie Aiche is one of the queens of ankle bracelets (among other things), and this image from her Instagram feed captures the feel perfectly.

jacquie aiche ankle bracelets
Granted, most people wouldn’t opt for wearing all of these pieces at once, and most people have to wear shoes, but isn’t it so pretty? Like a bohemian goddess.

Then I noticed this photo on the Gachon Pothier feed out of Paris. This is a look I can definitely see myself wearing, especially since I already own black Birkenstocks. I think the little jewels are very sweet.

gachon pothier anklets
Seeing these images from people I follow, I set out on a little Instagram search to see who else was in on this trend. Well, Kim Van de Sande from the Netherlands is, and I like how she makes it sporty with her cool white and gold Adidas.

kim van de sande from the netherlands
Laura Sole (Zora by l) out of Brussels, Belgium, is also pairing a delicate anklet with her sneakers.

zora by l ankle bracelet
And aren’t these two by Kebu Jewelry really just little necklaces for your ankles? (I think this designer is out of Istanbul, but I’m not totally sure, as I can’t read the language her site is written in.)

kebu jewelry ankle bracelets
What’s your opinion of the trend? Personally, I’m liking the carefree/sporty vibe. But perhaps it’s really not your cup of tea? Do you think it suits a certain age group or personal style? Please do share your opinions in the comment section below.