Green Gems: My Top 20 Picks

I try not to discriminate in the world of gemstones, but I must admit that emeralds have never been one of my favorite stones. (I guess it’s lucky I wasn’t born in May.) So I thought I’d give myself a challenge this St. Patrick’s Day and delve into the world of green stones, from emeralds to green diamonds to tourmalines and beyond. I decided to send myself on a virtual shopping spree, with no budget constraints and see what gorgeous green gems I could come up with. Folks, I was definitely NOT disappointed, and I now have a completely new appreciation for lovely baubles in all shades of green. So here goes, my top 20 picks.


First up is this amaze-balls pair of earrings by Sutra.

sutra emerald drop earrings

Next I started drooling over these oval cravellit earrings by Armenta.

armenta oval cravellit earrings

With the bar necklace trend still fresh in my mind, I expanded further by adoring these bar earrings by Jennifer Meyer. Though they are made of opals, they definitely read “green,” don’t you think?

jennifer meyer opal bar studs

For a classic tear-drop with a twist, take a look at these chrysoprase earrings by Irene Neuwirth.

irene neuwirth earrings

And taking a more yellow-green approach, I think Anne Sportun has a lovely design in green garnets and diamonds!

anne sportun green garnet earring


Moving down the body, I started looking for green ways to adorn my neck. And oh, what lovelies did I find! First, I fell in lust with this tourmaline and diamond necklace by LFrank.

l frank tourmaline & diamond pendant

For a truly dramatic look, Irene Neuwirth nailed it with this emerald necklace.

irene neuwirth columbian emerald necklace

I also explored the world of vintage jewelry, and I fell in love with this antique “Mogul” emerald and diamond pendant. The emerald was carved 1695 — so pretty!

antique amogul emerald & diamond pendant

Back to a simpler design, I think this green diamond paisley by Sethi Couture is beautiful.

sethi couture

And finally, this pendant necklace by Emily Amey would be great in creative layers.

emily amey


Taking us to the wrist, I was loving the array of choices in which you can adorn yourself in green gemstones. This ombre look in chrysoprase and green quartz by Mary Esses is phenomenal.

mary esses bracelet

Since I am a fan of stacking bracelets, I thought this bangle by Nak Armstrong would be a fab addition to my jewelry box. I love how the emeralds are such an unusual hue — veering more toward the aqua-green side.

nak armstrong bangle

I am often seen wearing my Hermes click-clack bracelet, and perhaps one in green would be just the right way to add a punch of color to my oft-neutral ensembles.

hermes H bracelet

This delicate cuff by Jemma Wynne made of Zambian emeralds, gold and diamonds is perfection.

jemma wynne bracelet

And given that this exercise gave me an unlimited budget, why not go for this tourmaline and diamond bracelet via Sotheby’s?

sotheby's  tourmaline and diamond bracelet


Lest we forget our fingers, I kept on the search. The first ring to catch my eye was this emerald slice and diamond stunner by Monique Pean. The stone has such a smoky quality to it — love it!

monique pean

For a much more organic, boho look, I’d opt for something like this adventurine and sterling silver ring from Circle & Square.

circle & square adventurine ring

Given my penchant for stacking rings, I know that I could incorporate some of these skinnies by Suzy Landa into my collection.

suzy landa green tourmaline rings

I think this opaque green diamond ring by Sethi Couture would look amazing with my skin tone.

sethi couture green diamond ring

And to end with another vintage piece, I think this emerald and diamond ring from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s via Bonhams is exquisite. I’m actually shocked that it sold for under $3K.

emerald & diamond ring late 18th century

So what do you think of my virtual shopping spree? Do you see some pieces that you’d like as well? Wishing you a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day!

Black and White: Spring 2013 Jewelry Trend

Black and white outfits were ALL over the runway this spring, and it’s no surprise that it’s translated into jewelry as well. The point was driven home when I saw this amazing cuff by Robert Procup — the diamonds, the stingray, heck, I’m hooked!

Black & White Glam!!
Black & White Glam!!

For a more bohemian vibe on the trend, check out this cuff by Kevia.

Available at Calypso
Available at Calypso

Chan Luu, the goddess of wrap bracelets, also has her interpretation in black and white agate.

Wrap away!
Wrap away!

Nan Fusco has come up with a very versatile black and white combo with this piece. It can be worn as a necklace or a wrap bracelet. Now that’s some good cost-per-wear.

I love the chain detail
I love the chain detail

If the vintage look is more your style, then you’re bound to be in love with this necklace by Susana Speidel.

Just as chic as it was in the 1950's
Just as chic as it was in the 1950’s

And for a more modern look, these hoops from Ippolita’s Rock Candy Collection are definitely a new classic!

SO versatile!
SO versatile!

And let’s not neglect our fabulous fingers! If a more substantial, statement ring is up your alley, then you’ll covet this evil eye design by Miriam Salat.


Then again, you may be more apt to wear a delicate ring. In this case, I’m loving this ring by Nolan.

Delicate & on-trend
Delicate & on-trend

I think that exploring the black and white trend is so much more user-friendly in jewelry, as opposed to in your outfit. Let me explain…if you have high-contrast personal coloring (like Cher — dark hair and pale skin), then repeating this high-contrast level in your clothing is a very inherent look and is fabulous. On the other hand, if you are more low-contrast (think Gwyneth Paltrow — pale hair, skin and eyes), then wearing black and white for your outfit is a bit overwhelming. People will notice your outfit before they notice you. SO, interpreting the trend in jewelry and accessories is the perfect solution.

I’d love to hear how you’re wearing (or not) the black and white trend this spring. Send me photos!!