Horizontal Bar Necklaces

Ok..so horizontal bar necklaces are definitely having a “jewelry moment.” Although they’ve been spotted on everyone from Reese Witherpoon…

reese witherspoon necklace

…to the Kardashians…

kardashian horizontal bar

I have a feeling that Clare, from the Bachelor (damn was I wrong about Juan Pablo!!), has really driven the trend home. I guess when you watch someone wear the same necklace for weeks on end, then it’s bound to creep into popular culture.

clare the bachelor necklace

I’m not sure who designed Clare’s necklace, but it says “creer” (“believe” in Spanish). I’m glad that she had enough sense to ditch Juan Pablo at the end, and I think her necklace may have brought her some luck. She chose to believe her inner truth and tell him exactly how she felt. Yet I digress…

You can find many different designs of bar necklaces. I particularly like this one by BaubleBar for only $28.

baublebar pyramid arc pendant

This one by Gorjana Griffin is also quite sparkly.

Gorjana & Griffin necklace

You can also go very high-end with this trend — here’s Jennifer Meyer’s take.

jennifer meyer bar necklace

One thing I like about these necklaces is that they can be easily worn on their own, or incorporated in a layered necklace ensemble. So talk to me — is this a necklace that you’ll be adding to your collection? Or perhaps you already own one? Do tell!

9 thoughts on “Horizontal Bar Necklaces”

  1. I carry a line of Bar necklaces at my shop abode, by Urban Smith. Great price point–$75–and she takes custom orders as well. I have one horizontal and one with 2 vertical bars with my daughters’ names on them. Wear them all the time, especially layered as Amy suggests…

  2. These were actually the flower girl gifts at my sister’s wedding this past weekend. They are beautiful. Oh, the necklaces too. 😉 Seriously, they are lovely. So it’s even trending among the younger set! 🙂

  3. I just love this trend! I have a birthday coming up, and I think I know what I want… Thanks for sharing this Amy, you keep me up to date on all of the jewelry trends 😉

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