7 Tips for Putting Your Look Together This Summer

I’m just thrilled to have Brenda Kinsel, one of the top image consultants in the country, as a guest blogger today! Brenda is the best-selling author of many books (You’ve got to check them out.), has been on national radio and TV shows (she rocked it on the Oprah Winfrey show!), and has been featured in countless magazines. During a recent interview on the nationally syndicated Richard Stevens Show (where she appears weekly), callers wanted to know how to look stylish once the weather starts warming up. Of course, Brenda has great solutions, ALL of which involve jewelry. Read on to enjoy her expert answers.

1. “I miss how my wintery jackets, blazers or cardigans always made me feel put together. Now when I’m just wearing a blouse and a pant or a tee shirt and a skirt, I feel underdressed. What should I do?”

One thing I’m wearing a lot of this summer are leggings or skinny rolled up jeans with tunics, which are just two pieces as well. To add a finishing touch, I’m adding long necklaces. Long necklaces or layered chains add so much interest to the top part of your body. And don’t forget about hats! Wearing a hat that works with your outfit can go a long way toward having a put together look. Hats are great for protecting your face and they’re great for your outfit too!


A simple, long pendant adds interest to a summer top
A simple, long pendant adds interest to a summer top


Wearing my heart pendant and my hat and dining outside at Cornerstone in Sonoma
Wearing my heart pendant and my hat and dining outside at Cornerstone in Sonoma

2. “Necklaces can be hot in the summer. Are there alternatives?”

When it’s super hot out I want everything to be lightweight. A bulky, heavy necklace that felt great over a long cashmere tunic in the winter feels too heavy right now. I’m all for lightweight necklaces in the summer. Leather cords with something interesting coming off of them is a way to adorn while still being very lightweight. So are certain chains. The large-scaled link necklace in medium gray mesh in the picture collage (below left) is actually super lightweight. Heat shouldn’t make you shy away from adding a necklace to your outfit!


All these necklaces are lightweight
All these necklaces are lightweight

3. “I used to wear scarves around my neck all winter and that always added interest to my outfits while keeping my neck warm too. Function and fashion- I liked it! Now I don’t want anything around my neck! What options do I have?”

In the middle of a Sonoma heat wave, I find collars on summer dresses or tops to be just too hot. I try to wear clothes with no collars so my neck doesn’t contact fabric at all. And of course, scarves around the neck will feel warm most days too although a linen scarf can be a good option. However, if you want a no-scarf zone, you can still adorn the space between your ear and your shoulder line. Bigger earrings are a great choice. I have an earring I wear more in the summer than the winter because it’s larger and needs to be able to float without running into a scarf or a high collar. You can easily wear a long chandelier type earring and pair it with a crew neck linen top or sweater. The earrings make a great focal point, as it’s so close to your face.


My moonstone earrings love to be worn in the summertime!
My moonstone earrings love to be worn in the summertime!

4. “Lots of people are wearing cute sleeveless dresses but that’s not going to be me. I’m more comfortable wearing a summer print in a top with a ¾ length sleeve. What can make my outfit look more interesting?”

If you’re wearing shorter sleeves in the summer, it’s a great time to pile on the bangles. While one petite bracelet may look too dainty with all that open space, a cluster of metallic thin bangles mixed with pearl bracelets could be fabulous. Or wear one or two bulkier bangles. Especially good for summer are ones in lighter or brighter colors, or in lighter colored-metals or try some in Lucite. It’s such a simple way to add some interest to your outfit. In fact, your bangles could be a whole conversation starter. Have fun picking some out!


Bangles are a great summer adornment!
Bangles are a great summer adornment!

5. I have a hard time mixing jewelry together-like my earrings and bracelets and necklaces. I’m never quite sure what I should put with what or if I’m doing it right. Can you help?”

Be sure your jewelry speaks the same language. If you’re doing earrings, bangles and a necklace, they need to relate to one another some way. Once you’ve created a group that works well together you have what I call a Beauty Bundle. That Beauty Bundle can be worn repeatedly whether it’s with casual outfits or dressier ones.

Here’s an example. I recently purchased this taupe-gray distressed leather cuff with a decorative studded pattern in gold by Calleen Cordero. I decided to make the color gold the common thread for tying it together with earrings and a necklace. Because I plan to wear this cuff in the summertime, I went for a crystal earring with gold edges and I found a multi-strand necklace with fine gold beads at another store. I’ve worn that bundle multiple times already.

Some things that can relate together are items with a similar color or texture or mood (like romantic, modern, or urban).


These accessories all have the color gold in them. It's what makes them hang together and be a Beauty Bundle.
These accessories all have the color gold in them. It’s what makes them hang together and be a Beauty Bundle.

6. “In the wintertime I tend to wear just classic pearls or small silver hoops and darker colored clothes. In the summertime I like to wear white or more vibrant colors. My classic accessories look so wimpy with white or bright colors. I don’t want to look boring. What can I do?”

Save the classic jewelry pieces for the wintertime when your outfit has a lot more going on. This is the perfect time to team turquoise with coral, or turquoise with lapis. And if you have some vintage pieces, they are often more colorful. Don’t be afraid to bring on the bling and make yourself more colorful! You can tame down again when the temperatures head to the 30s and the skies get gray.

7. “In the summertime I like to wear simple sheath dresses. How do I keep them from looking boring?”

A simple, sheath summer dress can be transformed with a necklace that follows the line of the neck and creates the look of a collar. A statement necklace is like that: It makes a statement and is a great choice when your dress is more reserved. It can be done, but it takes a certain personality to be able to wear a statement necklace and a wildly colorful print dress without having them fight each other for attention. With a simpler dress and a more dynamic necklace, we all will know where the focal point is–right on your beautiful face!


Bring some bling to your sheath dress!
Bring some bling to your sheath dress!

I hope these tips are helpful to you as you put your summer wardrobe together with ease and style! You can look great at any age when you focus on style.

Visit Brenda’s website and receive your free e-Book, Brenda’s Fashion Essentials: Look Fantastic in your 40s, 50s, and Beyond. Join the wardrobe and style discussion at Brenda’s Tips & Teasers Facebook page!

Thanks for sharing with us, Brenda!! xo

Matchy-Matchy Mistake: Jewelry Judge

Well clearly not everyone in the world read my article about 7 Jewelry Don’ts a couple months back. And not only that, but I guess I need to add a qualifier to “don’t #2,” about matchy-matchy jewelry. So here goes…not only is wearing totally matchy-matchy jewelry a “don’t,” but so is wearing jewelry that identically matches your outfit! Red striped t-shirt + red striped earrings = not so fashionable.

matchy matchy
Now let me preface this by saying I have no problem whatsoever with the striped t-shirt or the striped earrings that this woman was wearing. What I do find boring, and quite frankly lacking originality, is wearing them together. How much more fun would it have been to wear the striped earrings with a polka-dot or floral shirt? The fact that she owns these items, and paints her nails blue shows me that she must be a fun, vibrant person. If she took the time to mix it up a little more, the result would have been much better.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree with the Jewelry Judge on this one? Don’t worry if your opinion differs from mine — I’d love to hear from you regardless!

Carla Amorim: Designer

One of the things I like best about the Couture show is that it’s like traveling the globe, right in Vegas. One minute you’re in Italy, and the next moment you find yourself in Germany. This post finds me in Brazil, at the booth of Carla Amorim. And first up, I had to try on this stunning “Brasilia” ring from her Black Label collection. (Brasilia is where the designer lives with her husband and two children.) The modern, sculptural design and the plethora of diamonds definitely creates a substantial look on my finger!

carla amorim brasilia ring
Twenty-two years ago, Carla designed and made her first ring, which had a textured gold pattern. She continues the theme to this day, as shown in this “chapel” ring in rose gold.

carla amorim chapel ring in rose gold
I learned that Carla has three main inspirations in her design. The first is her country of Brazil, including its culture, nature and lifestyle. The next is Brazilian architecture, most importantly the designs of Oscar Niemeyer. The third is the Catholic religion. It turns out that 96% of the country is Catholic (who knew?!) and she goes for a “liturgy chic” look — love that! Since I am not Catholic, and I’ve never had a rosary, I really enjoyed seeing her modern and not “in your face” religious interpretation of them. In particular, I thought her rosary ring was genius! It spins on your finger, with each gem representing a rosary bead, so you can say all your Hail Marys in a very subtle, yet sparkly way.

carla amorim ring
She also has these very cool layered necklaces that represent Jesus and Mary. Each year she adds pieces to her Sacred Collection. She really has a brilliant way of letting people express their religion in an on-trend way that isn’t ostentatious. I admire that.

carla amorim jesus and mary necklace
But of course, there were two pair of earrings that were most definitely show-stoppers, in my opinion. Just the detail of the diamond-embellished onyx earrings is fabulous. And the fact that her pieces are produced in her country is an added bonus.

carla amorim Cuba Libre Brincos
carla amorim Cópia de Flor de Sal Brinco RGB
I was certainly not surprised to find out that Carla has 7 stores in Brazil, as well as having a major international presence. I’m so happy that I got to take this little jaunt to Brazil!

Accessorise Me: Vince Maxi Dress

Summer is here, and it’s time to travel! One of my clients is taking a fantabulous trip with her two young boys. The itinerary includes Paris, London, Italy and the south of France. (Who me? Green with envy?!) While she’s not limiting herself to a carry-on bag, we also don’t want to have a monster-sized bag that she has to lug around from place to place. So the key is to have outfits that will definitely do double or even triple duty. This striped maxi dress by Vince is a great starting point.

vince striped maxi dress
Now I know many of you might be saying, “But, Amy,…don’t you know that horizontal stripes are universally unflattering?!” I hear ya, but I’m going to call you on it. This is an old rule (like not wearing white after Labor Day), and it’s not always true. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with many striped outfits over the years that look totally hot. And remember, the outfit will be broken up with other items and accessories, so that is also a big contributing factor.

For the first look, I’m going for a, “Come on boys! We’re going to spend the whole day wandering the streets of Rome — from savoring gelatos at the Fountain of Trevi to visiting the Sistine Chapel.” Translation fashion-wise: very comfortable shoes, layers, and fun jewelry. I always advise my clients to travel with costume jewelry. No need to tempt a pick-pocket, right?! This cargo vest by Velvet is the perfect day look for over the dress. (The pockets are an added bonus for keeping track of tickets, etc.)

velvet twill cargo vest
For the sake of comfort and safety, a cross body bag is a must. Adding this one by Marc Jacobs in a bright red-orange hue definitely adds some punch to the outfit.

marc jacobs classic Q natasha bag
I definitely prefer when things are not all matchy-matchy. And I hate to say that for this trip, an actual comfort shoe is in order. Now this doesn’t have to mean you have to look like an unstylish tourist — I promise that there are some cute, hip alternatives out there, such as these metallic sandals by Ecco.

ecco flash t-strap sandal
Since the vest looks best worn open, I want a long necklace, which will in turn elongate the whole look. Love this white beaded necklace with a tassel pendant from Anthropologie.

anthropologie canzonetta tassel necklace
These double teardrop earrings and an organic slim cuff finish off the look. This bracelet would also stack very easily with others that might be in the suitcase…or acquired at a street market. (Yes…I’m dreaming of what I’d be doing there!)

sundance jewelry
Now for the stint in Paris, I know that she is meeting up with some other moms for a girl’s night out, Parisian style. Oo la la! So she much look tres chic, or I’ll be in trouble! So same dress, but let’s go a little more high style. First up, ditch the vest and don this white silk jacket by Amanda Uprichard.

amanda uprichard silk jacket
Then leave the flats in the room (with the kids and the babysitter) and strap on these heels by Sol Sana. One reason I like them for travel is that they have a very wide heel base, making it much easier to walk on cobblestones, especially after a few glasses of champagne! The wide straps also give your foot a lot of support, holding you in as you meander to the next stop for the evening.

sol sana amos sandal
For a bag, I think a wristlet is the perfect solution, as it is safer having it around your wrist (as opposed to just a clutch), and it can double as your wallet for the rest of the trip, tucked inside the cross-body bag. And you know I certainly don’t want a boring one, so this gold version by Halogen adds some nice shine to the outfit.

halogen zip around wallet

I opted for a shorter necklace for this outfit, and in a much more streamlined, sophisticated style. This gold and lucite look by Alexis Bittar is just the ticket.

alexis bittar neo boho minimalist crescent lucite necklace, gray
Paris is certainly one of the global headquarters of fashion, so I’ve got to make sure she blends in with the locals. (I told her if she gets asked for directions, then I did my job well.) These reversible stud earrings give some edgy attitude to the outfit. Might be fun to wear one with the gold side showing and one with with sparkles up front for an unexpected twist.

elizabeth and james vogel white topaz pave studs
To continue this edgier look, I think it’s great fun to bring a set of multi-finger rings, along with a stand-alone ring to mix and match for different looks. Again, advising against bringing fine jewelry while traveling, this affordable ring set by Luv Aj and open design ring by Campbell are cool without the major price tags. These rings will also go great with her more casual looks, and they can be worn in different configurations.

luv aj rings
campbell tall grass ring
Since Paris is one of THE best places in the world to find amazing costume jewelry, I hope that my client has some time for a little shopping as well. Can’t wait to hear all about her adventures! And don’t forget, if something in this article piques your interest, just click on the blue links for more info. Cheers!

Efva Attling’s Latest Creation

At my first Couture show, I just fell in love with Efva Attling, both as a person and with her amazing jewelry line. I have since visited her store in NYC with a client, and I look forward to seeing what new designs she has in store each year. This year was no exception, and here’s pretty much how it went down when I visited her booth.

“So Efva, I’ve been seeing you around the show in a fab necklace. Is this the latest and greatest in your line? Tell me about it!”

“Well, Amy, I’ve got balls.”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Efva.”

Seriously, I just adore this woman. And I also adore her new necklace with large sterling silver balls (the main one which moves) that I’m wearing in the photo below.

amy roseveare and efva attling

It felt light and comfortable on my neck, and it was a MAJOR statement, which was perfect with my all-black outfit. I also like how it looked when I slid the necklace around to the back, with the largest ball now serving as the centerpiece.

efva attling ball necklace

And of course, always being on the cutting-edge of jewelry, Efva also has a ball ear-cuff which doesn’t involve any piercings. (Gotta love that!) This may be the edgiest my ear has ever looked.

efva attling ear cuff

Now I can’t way WHO, but there was a hot-hot-hot fashionista enamored of this necklace as well. All I can say is that they clearly have great taste, and I hope to see it available soon.

Annamaria Cammilli from Florence

Well I’ve been back from the Couture show in Vegas for a week now, and I think I’ve finally recovered. But I’m still just in awe of all the spectacular designers I met and the lines I saw (and tried on!). Each year I attend, it becomes more and more special, as I get to visit the designers I’ve gotten to know over the years, and I eagerly look for jewelry that I’ve never seen before. And let me tell you — this year certainly did not disappoint. I cannot wait to share all my discoveries with you over the year to come.

Of course, there’s certainly some “play” mixed in with business, and the opening night poolside party at the Wynn was totally glam and headlined by Janelle Monae. When I heard Italian being spoken at a nearby cocktail table, I sauntered over (along with my colleague, Jen) and introduced myself. I love when I get a chance to practice a little Italian! I spent some time chatting with Christine Beccaro and Giovanni Chini from Annamaria Cammilli, a 30+ year-old jewelry line from Florence. I promised to come check out the line first thing in the morning.


Poolside opening night party
Poolside opening night party

So bright and early (10:30?!) I was at their booth, and I was immediately taken with this golden line. It started with flowers all those years ago, and it remains one of their signatures. Take a gander at this phenomenal ring! It’s one-of-a-kind, and it has the date of its birth, 2014, on the inside.

annamaria cammilli ring
This line is made 100% in Italy and uses an amazing spectrum of SIX shades of 18K gold in their designs: white ice, yellow bamboo, orange apricot, pink champagne, natural beige and black. The unusual tones of gold are one of the characteristics which make the jewelry easy to identify.

annamaria cammilli gold colors
The ring I was immediately drawn to is called the Sultana Ring, from the Vision collection, and features three shades of gold highlighted with diamonds. The silky finish on the gold is so special.

annamaria cammilli sultana ring
Annamaria takes her inspiration from all things in nature. She has four main lines, each dedicated to a different natural feature: Flowers, Essential (dedicated to the Earth), Vision (dedicated to water) and Colour Stones (dedicated to the sky). One of the standouts from the Essential collection was the Dune Ballet rings. They are so named for the ribbons on ballet shoes, artfully draped and interspersed with diamonds.

annamaria cammilli dune ballet rings
Giovanni (who has known Annamaria since he was 14 years old!) told me that their pieces with cabochon stones are extremely popular with Americans visiting Florence, and I’m not surprised.

annamaria cammilli dune ring
One of the standouts from the Vision collection is the Polaris pendant. “Polaris is a vortex that projects volumes and lights telling the story of improbable water games. A precious swirl featuring sections of cobbles set against the stylish Cammilli gold.”

annamaria cammilli polaris pendant
Not only is their design incredibly unique, but they also have used the same, signature model in all their ad campaigns for the past 9 years. I think it’s fabulous that they’re not out looking for some new, hot young thing each season. Instead, they celebrate the beauty of a woman as she goes through life, beautiful at every age. Here she is modeling pieces from their Aqua collection.

annamaria cammilli jewelry
They opened a flagship store last spring, and it’s definitely on my bucket list to visit it one day.

annamaria cammilli store
Even the way they package their jewelry is done with style and luxury. Here’s a picture of their signature box, complete with a marble lid. I mean, really….how divine!

annamaria cammilli box
If you’d like to see more, then take 3 luxurious minutes to watch this video, shot in Florence with their model. It’s like a music video for jewelry! (And if you’re reading this post on an RSS feed and it looks like a black box, then click here to watch it on Youtube.)

I was ecstatic when they won one of the prestigious Couture Design Awards for best debut at Couture! Bravo!

amy roseveare, giovanni chini, christine beccaro
Thanks so much to Christine and Giovanni for their time and expertise showing me this beautiful jewelry. I hope to see it represented here in California soon! Grazie mille! xo

Beach Angel Bracelets @ Droplets on Maui

OK, these mother and daughter bracelets have got to be one of the cutest things ever, don’t you think?!

Christine Higa bracelets at Droplets
These were spotted at Droplets, a wonderful new children’s store in Makawao on Maui. The store offers both children’s consignment and a well-curated gift boutique. I’ve known the owner, Beate, for many years, and her exquisite style, intelligence and welcoming personality are the winning combination for this new venture.

But now back to the jewelry…these darling bracelets are designed by Christine Higa, owner of Beach Angel Maui. Christine was born in Hawaii and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. She is inspired in paradise, and with creative ideas overflowing, she inevitably started her jewelry line. She has, in fact, been designing jewelry as far back as she can remember.

Here are a few more shots of some of her beachy baubles.

Christine Higa jewelry
Christine Higa jewelry
The clean, ocean feel of this line is so inviting. I can almost smell the salty air…You can find more of her designs, including more items for little ones, on her website. And if you’d like to keep current about what’s new at Droplets, then be sure to follow them on Facebook. Mahalo!

Free Spire Necklace Giveaway!

If you read yesterday’s interview with Erin Stafford of Spire Jewelry, then you know you’re in for a MAJOR treat with this giveaway! This stunning blue agate slice necklace with gold trim retails for $110. It comes on a 28 inch gold-plated chain with 18K gold vermeil components and clasp. Impeccable design, and ready to be worn at all your summer events — with everything from your favorite sundress to a simple t-shirt and jeans.

spire agate necklace
It’s completely free to enter, so best of luck!!  Also, feel free to share with your friends! The contest runs until Friday, June 27th, when the lucky winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spire Jewelry

I love when someone I’ve known for years follows their passion and goes full-force into what brings them joy. This is just what happened to Erin Stafford, and I’m happy to share both her line, Spire Jewelry, and our interview. ALSO…stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway of one of her necklaces, which will launch on Tuesday!! You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

So Erin, I remember meeting you quite a few years ago at an image consulting conference. How did you go about making the switch from image consulting to jewelry designer?

My background is certainly not traditional. I’ve never really done things by the book…and I love that! I was a political science undergrad and gender studies MA who worked in digital media and advertising for years in London at an agency, and then at MTV.

I was always interested in fashion though, so when I moved back to Orange County from London, I got a gig as an assistant to a celebrity stylist in Hollywood and began my career in fashion. I eventually branched out on my own and worked as a stylist, image consultant, personal shopper, and fashion show producer for a decade. (I still do from time to time as well!) I also started working as a fashion journalist for a number of magazines, but mainly Orange Coast Magazine, where I’ve been their contributing style editor for about 8 years, and still am. In that capacity, I get to meet so many fun and creative people in Orange County. I am constantly scouting out new boutiques, talking with buyers and boutique owners, interviewing designers, and fashionable people in the area. It was during a few of these meetings that I was inspired to start making jewelry.

spire agate slice necklaces
I took a few classes to learn the basics, but have mostly taught myself. I still take classes from time to time to learn a new skill or technique. I’m always looking to expand my repertoire and incorporate new materials and techniques into my designs.

I look at my design process the way a stylist would. A stylist doesn’t (normally) design their own clothes. They pull from a number of designers and stores to put the perfect outfit together for their client. In the same way, I buy beads, components, and supplies from markets and sources all over the world and put them together into fabulous pieces of jewelry. I am not physically out mining for agates and polishing my own stones, or creating molds that I then pour silver into to create a particular pendant. If I need something like that made, I have someone I use that brings my designs to life. But mostly, I love scouring the globe for interesting materials and supplies that I can incorporate into unique and fun pieces of jewelry.

spire clear crystal spike tribal necklace
While I know there are always challenges in starting up a new business, have you had any big “ah ha’s” or moments that really made you thrilled about being a designer?

Every day is a new adventure when you’re venturing into unknown territory. I feel like I’ve always been someone that jumped into things with both feet. Luckily my family is very entrepreneurial as well and have always been encouraging. I think my first ah ha moment was back in 2012 when I first started Spire. The collection wasn’t very cohesive, but I made a ton of pieces I thought were cute. Since I knew so many boutique owners from my life as a fashion journalist, I took my collection into their stores, and much to my surprise, they placed orders. It was crazy to me when one store said she wanted almost everything I had. She bought my samples right off me. I was like “Wow! I can actually do this! People like my designs and are buying them!”

There have been many other ah ha moments along the way, but that was the first major one.

How would you describe your line–what’s the aesthetic and who do you see wearing your pieces?

I always say that Spire is where the bohemian beach girl meets the city. I grew up in Orange County near the beach and am obsessed with all things turquoise and beachy. But I also lived in Europe for 8 years (Paris, London, Cambridge), so I definitely appreciate that chic, European, city vibe as well. Add to that my nomadic spirit and obsession with traveling to the farthest corners of the globe, and it’s really a mixed bag. Spire is without a doubt beachy and bohemian. But it’s also got a subtle and refined, sometimes edgy, twist to it.

The Spire girl is definitely a free spirt. Someone that speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to be unique. But the longer I do this, the more I realize she’s any woman that wants to infuse a bit of elegant, beachy, edginess into her wardrobe.

I have these simple 18k gold vermeil spike earrings that sell like crazy. My mom, who is super classic and conservative in her dressing loves them and wears them constantly. She would NEVER be considered an edgy dresser, or someone that would gravitate towards anything spiked, but because they are so simple and understated, they work for her. Spire is transitional. It can be very beachy, bohemian, and edgy if you put it all together, or it can be elegant and refined if you wear it alone. I love that.

spire spike earrings
Where do you get inspiration for your lovely creations?

I’m inspired constantly by things I see and people I meet. I travel a lot and always come back with new inspiration. From the way I see someone put an outfit together, to beads I find in an open air market place, to adornments on a handbag, or the color of the local flowers in bloom. I’m always looking, and taking pictures of things that inspire me.

In general though, I’m very inspired by the beach and the ocean. I simply cannot get enough of that perfect aqua blue color of Caribbean or South Pacific waters. It is perfection to me. It’s not just the color of the water I love though, it’s the feeling you have when you visit those places. Life is slower. You’re relaxed. You’re not stressing about your hair and makeup. You’ve got beachy waves under a Panama hat. You wear your bikini with a sundress or linen pants. You live in flip flops and enjoy a cocktail on the beach. Comfort and fun are key. This entire notion of beach life – from the colors, the weather, the clothing, the beauty, and the vibe inspire me endlessly.

What are a couple of your current faves in your line?

I’m really excited about my new collection, Glimmered Hope. I have been wearing my Tassel necklaces almost daily and have been getting such great feedback on them. They are perfect for summer and are so easy to layer with shorter necklaces as well.

spire tassel necklace
I’m also loving my gold leafed driftwood Glimmer necklaces. They are so unique and definitely conversation pieces. They are just the right mixture of beachy and glam. They’re also so lightweight that you almost forget you’re wearing them.

spire gold leafed driftwood glimmer necklace
What’s the general price range for the Spire line?

My simple stretch bracelets start at about $20 and my necklaces go up to roughly $250, but I’d say most pieces are in the $50 – $150 range.

So I know my readers are going to want to know where they can buy a piece from Spire, so do tell!

The best place to find Spire jewelry is on my website www.thespirelife.com. It links to my Etsy store where most of my pieces are available. I ship worldwide. A selection of my pieces can also be found at Twig and Willow in Long Beach, CA, West End Napa in downtown Napa, CA, and a few other stores around California. I’m always looking for new stores, and am actually doing my first trade show later this summer, the San Francisco International Gift Fair, so I’m hoping to be in many more stores by the end of the year.

erin stafford of spire jewelry
Erin, I so appreciate your time with this interview, and I can’t wait to launch our giveaway tomorrow!!