Efva Attling’s Latest Creation

At my first Couture show, I just fell in love with Efva Attling, both as a person and with her amazing jewelry line. I have since visited her store in NYC with a client, and I look forward to seeing what new designs she has in store each year. This year was no exception, and here’s pretty much how it went down when I visited her booth.

“So Efva, I’ve been seeing you around the show in a fab necklace. Is this the latest and greatest in your line? Tell me about it!”

“Well, Amy, I’ve got balls.”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Efva.”

Seriously, I just adore this woman. And I also adore her new necklace with large sterling silver balls (the main one which moves) that I’m wearing in the photo below.

amy roseveare and efva attling

It felt light and comfortable on my neck, and it was a MAJOR statement, which was perfect with my all-black outfit. I also like how it looked when I slid the necklace around to the back, with the largest ball now serving as the centerpiece.

efva attling ball necklace

And of course, always being on the cutting-edge of jewelry, Efva also has a ball ear-cuff which doesn’t involve any piercings. (Gotta love that!) This may be the edgiest my ear has ever looked.

efva attling ear cuff

Now I can’t way WHO, but there was a hot-hot-hot fashionista enamored of this necklace as well. All I can say is that they clearly have great taste, and I hope to see it available soon.