Matchy-Matchy Mistake: Jewelry Judge

Well clearly not everyone in the world read my article about 7 Jewelry Don’ts a couple months back. And not only that, but I guess I need to add a qualifier to “don’t #2,” about matchy-matchy jewelry. So here goes…not only is wearing totally matchy-matchy jewelry a “don’t,” but so is wearing jewelry that identically matches your outfit! Red striped t-shirt + red striped earrings = not so fashionable.

matchy matchy
Now let me preface this by saying I have no problem whatsoever with the striped t-shirt or the striped earrings that this woman was wearing. What I do find boring, and quite frankly lacking originality, is wearing them together. How much more fun would it have been to wear the striped earrings with a polka-dot or floral shirt? The fact that she owns these items, and paints her nails blue shows me that she must be a fun, vibrant person. If she took the time to mix it up a little more, the result would have been much better.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree with the Jewelry Judge on this one? Don’t worry if your opinion differs from mine — I’d love to hear from you regardless!