Trunk Shows

I think jewelry trunk shows are one of the most under-utilized events for jewelry lovers. When a jewelry line is brought to a department store or boutique, by either the designer themselves or a rep, that is considered a trunk show. Usually a store only shows a small portion of a designer’s line, so when a trunk show is scheduled, they bring all sorts of beautiful baubles that you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to see or try on.

Whenever I attend one of these shows, I feel like I’m playing in the big jewelry box of the designer. You can try on whatever your heart desires with no obligation to buy. It’s also educational to try jewelry on with the expert from the company there, as they can often tell you things such as the inspiration for the piece, show you other ways to combine their jewelry, etc.

Shows are normally scheduled for a few hours, and typically no appointments are needed. I’ve noticed that on occasion, in the smaller boutiques, a discount is offered on the pieces during a trunk show. If this sounds like something up your alley, be sure to get on the mailing lists of your favorite local stores so you won’t miss out on any jewelry opportunities!

6 thoughts on “Trunk Shows”

  1. What is the best way to find out when and where trunk shows will be? Are there particular stores that host them more often than others?

  2. The major, high-end department stores (like Neiman Marcus and Sak’s Fifth Avenue) will publish their trunk show schedule. Or, you can ask a sales associate for dates of upcoming shows. With smaller boutiques, ask the owner for their schedule.

  3. I own a home furnishings boutique and what I love about trunk shows is that they are a win-win-win. They benefit the shop, the artist, and the customer. Amy’s right, the artist always brings his or her entire arsenal which we typically do not show at the shop. We usually serve champagne and treats and have a good time!

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