Bracelets: Charmed, I’m sure…

About 10 years ago, my mom made the comment to me that all the rich girls she knew growing up had charm bracelets. She, on the other hand, was the daughter of two loving, but poor Italian immigrants. Of course, I decided then and there that my mom had to have one too. Heck, waiting 60 years was long enough, right?!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a special thing charm bracelets are–they literally are a history of your interests, your family, and your life. They speak volumes about you, yet in such a subtle way. She just had to have little birthstone booties to represent each of her grandchildren, a starfish to remember our annual trips to the beach, and a cruise ship to commemorate our first voyage last summer. Each holiday, she can count on one more memory to add to her bracelet. It’s almost like scrapbook for your wrist.

mom's charm bracelet

I do like charm bracelets better than those charm-keeper necklaces that were popular back in the 1980’s. With those, the charms were always so squished together that you couldn’t see each one. With charm bracelets, they are nicely spaced out so you can appreciate each one. And just the subtle jingle of the charms make you smile.

If you’ve got your own, or one passed down to you from a family member, take a close look at it. If jewelry could only talk…

6 thoughts on “Bracelets: Charmed, I’m sure…”

  1. My mother use to wear a charm bracelet. I wonder where it is?

    She wore it for special occssions as it was a bit too fussy for her small frame. You can only imagine what it may have looked like since she is the mother of 10 children , 19 grandchildren , 9 great grandchildren. Maybe her bracelet was a bit fussy & ” heavy ” for every day use as she wore a set of simple silver bracelets daily. And to this day I can still remember the chime they made as she did her daily chores or entered a room. If we were naughty , we could hide…as her bracelets always announced her arrival. Hmmm memories.

  2. What a lovely idea – I should get one started for my little girl. Can you share with – us – where you can buy a nice bracelet to get started?

    1. Well for a child, I’d probably recommend sterling silver as opposed to white or yellow gold. Often you can find one on Macy’s during their (numerous) sales. I also have had great success with the Precious Accents website. I hope you both enjoy building this treasure!

  3. I have several charm bracelets and love them all! I have similar memories to Felix of my mother’s charm bracelet. I always knew it was a special occasion if I heard the familiar ring of my mom’s bracelet! On hers there is even a small, gold replica of our house mounted on a large disc! I always loved that bracelet and was thrilled when my parents gave me my first on my 16th birthday. It is a traditional gold link bracelet that recounts many of my life’s adventures. It’s still my favorite! I also have a couple of silver bracelets, one with beach themed charms on it, which I love to wear on our many beach vacations. A few costume ones, and some vintage. I even have a book on charm bracelets! Thanks for reminding me of these special jewels!

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