Jewelry Boxes for Mom!

With Mother’s Day approaching, I know many of you out there are on the quest for the ideal piece of jewelry for your mom. Well what about upgrading her jewelry box instead? I’m sure that she’s due for an upgrade, don’t you? I like the clean lines of the Andover jewelry box by Pottery Barn. I love the glass on top, so you can really see your most-used pieces.

You can get it monogrammed too!
You can get it monogrammed too!

I also just adore these two boxes, also by Pottery Barn. I happen to own the smaller one, and it’s where I store my watches and daily rings/bracelets. A friend of mine owns the larger one, and she likes how it showcases her favorite pieces — really making her jewelry part of her boudoir decor.

Lovely and functional
Lovely and functional

Now if your mom has a bangle collection that keeps on growing, then she might just need this acrylic stand from the Container Store. They make one for necklaces as well.

Very modern!
Very modern!

Here’s a very sweet cloche from Anthropologie. I can see it used anywhere from the bathroom counter to a bedside table.


Now if you really want to go all-out, and your mom has a vast collection, then this would be the epitome of a jewelry armoire!


Of course, you can always give your mom a jewelry box with a new piece of jewelry in it as well…just a thought. Enjoy!

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Storage: Part Duex

So I know that I’ve already written about jewelry storage in a previous post, but I just HAD to show you another amazingly organized (and large) collection. These photos are from the closet of one of my clients. She travels the world, and has curated one of the coolest jewelry collections that I’ve seen during my many years as a stylist. No, it’s not all fine jewelry, but it’s amazing. I can’t tell you the number of hours we’ve spent “playing” in her jewelry box, accessorizing all her outfits. And I can’t honestly think of one time that she didn’t have just the right piece to finish off an outfit. She certainly gets a big, gold star for the way she has stored her jewelry in both a lovely and user-friendly way.

elfa storage drawers
The main part of her collection is stored in this Elfa drawer tower

elfa drawers
An inside look into some of the drawers

Her necklace collection has grown so large, that she got these great lucite wall mounts to display her most commonly used necklaces.

necklace storage
When you can see it, you'll wear it!

And finally, many of her earrings are now on display on top of the Elfa drawer tower. Great idea!

earring storage
Clever way to display earrings

Yet another client has been building a fabulously cohesive jewelry collection. She had a storage shadow box custom made at the local framing shop. It seriously looks like art hanging in her closet!

jewelry shadow box
Way to highlight your jewels!

She lined the cork board with silk, though using a sturdier fabric, such as linen, may be a better choice if you’re going to move your pins often. My client doesn’t, so the silk worked out perfectly.

I hope these examples inspire you to store and display your jewelry in a new way, if your current system isn’t working for you. Happy organizing!