Storage for Your Bling

I know that you have tried to pull out a necklace to wear and found it in a tangled mess. Or you go to put on a pair of earrings and can only find one of them.  Sounds familiar, right?  If so, then you may need to work a bit on how you store your jewelry.  I’ve got all sorts of tips to help you solve this dilemma.

Using a jewelry box or armoire is an easy solution.  And there are scads of beautiful, yet functional, choices out there!  If your collection is smaller, then consider something like this from  Pottery Barn.

For those with a more substantial collection, I highly recommend an armoire like this one from Ballard Designs.  Note that many armoires only have one or two drawers with built-in sections, so you may need to buy trays for the other drawers.  I’ve had great luck with these from the Container Store.

If you happen to have a free drawer in a dresser or closet, you can easily turn that into your jewelry box by using these same type of trays.  Most closet companies can also build in felt-covered wood or lucite jewelry compartments with sliding trays into your existing cabinetry.  Voila–instant jewelry box!

For those with limited space, these hanging organizers are perfect.

Another idea is to buy decorative wall hooks (you can find many darling ones at Anthropologie) and hang all your jewelry from these.  My dear friend Jen decorated her whole vanity area like this.

Personally, I also like to use some of my jewelry as part of my interior design.  I’ve got some of my favorite sparkly rings displayed in a domed mercury glass pedestal.  I also highlight some of my necklaces and beaded bracelets on a large, antique glass wine jug.  One caveat to displaying jewelry, though, is that it then needs dusting, and it’s more prone to tarnishing if it’s silver and exposed to the air.  To me, it’s worth it just so I can gaze at it when I’m in the room.  Lovely…..

Antique jug used for jewelry display

The most important thing is to have your jewelry neatly stored, yet easy to see.  If you can’t see something, you’ll never wear it–and your jewelry wants to be worn!

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  1. Great organizing ideas! It is so true. If my jewelry is a tangled mess, I cannot even begin to see the possibilities for fun new ways to wear it. I further sort it by metal keeping all the golds together, etc… Thanks Amy!

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