Katherine Jetter: My 5 Fave Pieces from Couture ’14

Each year I attend the Couture show in Las Vegas, it becomes more and more exciting. Not only is it a blast meeting new designers and seeing their collections, but it’s also a real treat to visit designers I know and love and see how their line is expanding. While Katherine Jetter is certainly known for her opals, she definitely has branched out this year, and I’m thrilled to show you my favorite new pieces in her line (in no particular order).

Roman Perfume Bottle

Katherine Jetter Roman Perfume Bottle
This bottle is just heavenly — I would have it out on display while not wearing it, as it’s too beautiful to be tucked away inside a jewelry box. This Roman bottle dates from 1 AD, and has a 22K yellow gold and cognac diamond stopper. L-O-V-E!

Bronze and aquamarine ring

 Katherine Jetter Aquamarine Ring 9.29ct
As part of her new bronze collection, this bronze ring which features a 9.29 ct aquamarine, is simply spectacular. The juxtaposition of elements is extremely creative.

Lava rock necklace

Katherine Jetter Lava Rock Necklace
Never have lava rocks looked so chic! These beads are hand carved and inlaid with 18K gold bezel-set opals.

Pink diamond flower ring

Katherine Jetter Pink Diamond Flower Ring
While this design is quintessential Katherine, the new and striking component is the huge pink diamond in the center. She told me that in 2011, only 15 pink diamonds were found that were over a carat, and she was lucky enough to get one of them. Bling, bling!

Birdcage pendant

Katherine Jetter Birdcage Pendant
Who needs a bird in your cage when you can have a 369.55 gram boulder opal instead? I vote for the opal! This stunning gem is from Queensland and is displayed in a cage of 18K yellow gold.

Katherine, you blew me away, once again! If you’d like to find out more about Katherine and her line, then check out her website.


The lovely Katherine
The lovely Katherine


Katherine Jetter’s $3 Million Black Opal!!

You may remember the article I wrote about Katherine Jetter last year. (If not, you’re missing out — click the blue link to read it!) The night before Couture was beginning, I was so happy to run into her at a restaurant at the hotel! While chatting, she told me that she had brought THE most amazing opal to the show, and when she showed me a photo of it on her phone (it basically filled her whole hand), I could hardly believe it! I had to go see it in person!

Holy cow!!!!
Holy cow!!!!

Here’s a closer look.

katherine jetter's opal

So here’s how the story goes…a 68 year-old miner (Bobby) from Lightening Ridge, Australia found this gem covered in muck 14 years ago at the bottom of a bucket of rough, uncut opals. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he cleaned it up and really discovered what he had found!! Fearing it would be stolen, he slept with “The Royal One” under his bed and carried it in a pouch around his neck during the day. Last year he brought the opal to NYC to have it appraised by the Gemological Institute of America. Needless to say, this 306 carat black opal blew everyone’s socks off!

This is where Katherine Jetter enters the picture. She has a solid relationship with other opal miners from that region, so Bobby trusted her to take it to Couture to sell. (Clearly, he’s a great judge of character!) Katherine was thrilled to be showing this “important part of Australian history.” Here’s a CNN clip that will give you some more scoop on this incredible story. (click the blue word “clip” to take you to the video.

I wonder who will buy it…

Katherine Jetter: Designer

It must have been back when I was about 8 years old or so…my grandmother went on a cruise to Austraila, and she brought me back (what I thought was) THE most amazing necklace. It’s pendant was a kangaroo with some opal chips in it. I had never seen an opal before, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Well let me tell you, Australian-born jewelry designer Katherine Jetter takes opals and other Australian themes to a whole new level!

I was drawn to Katherine’s booth at the Couture show because I had seen one of her rings in a glossy publication in my hotel room. It’s called the Madame Butterfly ring, and it’s made of hand-carved white opals, accented with diamonds and a Mandarin garnet in the center. Mesmerizing, right?!

katherine jetter madam butterfly ring
Now THIS is a floral ring!

Katherine is just as lovely as her jewelry, and she generously spent her time showing me her line and educating me about it.

katherine jetter and amy roseveare
Wearing one of her amazing bracelets

Here’s a close-up of the stunning cuff I was wearing. It’s made of 18K yellow gold with diamonds. The detail is amazing! Look at the turtle and the coral — it’s just like you were under the sea! Speaking of turtles, this is Katherine’s signature on all her pieces. Whether it’s prominent, as in this cuff, or hidden in the back of a smaller earring, there is a turtle on each and every piece of her jewelry. According to Egyptian mythology, the turtle symbolizes good luck and protection. I love this sentiment and detail in her collection.

katherine jetter cuff
Great Barrier Reef cuff

The main inspirations for her line come from her home country — the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Though she spent time in the corporate world, she was drawn to jewelry design over 6 years ago. I’m so glad she followed her heart, as her designs are truly unique! (And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of jewelry lines!)

Much of her collection features opals, sourced from Austaila, Peru, and Mexico. I’m not quite sure how she comes up with her exquisite designs, but here’s a prime example. This is the Whitsunday Island pendant, which showcases a lightening ridge black opal that’s over 34 carats! Combined with 18K white gold, diamonds and a moonstone chain, the result is fantastic!

katherine jetter necklace
Whitsunday Island Pendant

Here is how she used white opal splinters entwined in sterling silver with pink mist tourmaline, to create a pair of earrings unlike any I’ve ever seen.

katherine jetter earrings
Hanging vine earrings

I’m clearly not the only one intrigued by her designs. She’s definitely getting a celebrity following. Both Renee Bargh and Naomi Watts will be adorned in her jewels while walking the red carpet at the Australian Film Insitute Awards this Wednesday, June 27th. I think I’ll have to tune in and check it out!