Katherine Jetter: My 5 Fave Pieces from Couture ’14

Each year I attend the Couture show in Las Vegas, it becomes more and more exciting. Not only is it a blast meeting new designers and seeing their collections, but it’s also a real treat to visit designers I know and love and see how their line is expanding. While Katherine Jetter is certainly known for her opals, she definitely has branched out this year, and I’m thrilled to show you my favorite new pieces in her line (in no particular order).

Roman Perfume Bottle

Katherine Jetter Roman Perfume Bottle
This bottle is just heavenly — I would have it out on display while not wearing it, as it’s too beautiful to be tucked away inside a jewelry box. This Roman bottle dates from 1 AD, and has a 22K yellow gold and cognac diamond stopper. L-O-V-E!

Bronze and aquamarine ring

 Katherine Jetter Aquamarine Ring 9.29ct
As part of her new bronze collection, this bronze ring which features a 9.29 ct aquamarine, is simply spectacular. The juxtaposition of elements is extremely creative.

Lava rock necklace

Katherine Jetter Lava Rock Necklace
Never have lava rocks looked so chic! These beads are hand carved and inlaid with 18K gold bezel-set opals.

Pink diamond flower ring

Katherine Jetter Pink Diamond Flower Ring
While this design is quintessential Katherine, the new and striking component is the huge pink diamond in the center. She told me that in 2011, only 15 pink diamonds were found that were over a carat, and she was lucky enough to get one of them. Bling, bling!

Birdcage pendant

Katherine Jetter Birdcage Pendant
Who needs a bird in your cage when you can have a 369.55 gram boulder opal instead? I vote for the opal! This stunning gem is from Queensland and is displayed in a cage of 18K yellow gold.

Katherine, you blew me away, once again! If you’d like to find out more about Katherine and her line, then check out her website.


The lovely Katherine
The lovely Katherine


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  1. I love the patina on the jewelry, it gives it such character. Especially the Roman bottle from 1 AD! Wow, just to imagine where that bottle has been! Great post Amy.

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