What’s Your Jewelry Signature?

When people think about you and your jewelry, do you have a signature? Perhaps it’s the big, chunky men’s watch that you wear every day. Or are you usually wearing the topaz cocktail ring your grandmother handed down to you? ┬áIf you’re me, then you are inexplicably drawn to necklaces with horn pendants. Whenever my friends and clients see a horn necklace, they inevitably think of Amy.

horn jewelry collection
A selection of my horn pendant necklaces

Developing your jewelry signature goes hand-in-hand with your personal style. It speaks to who you are and what you love. Having your personal style clearly defined is the first building block of developing your jewelry collection. Without a solid sense of your personal style, then you are left adrift in the sea of fashion, and you’ll undoubtedly make some purchases you will later regret.

Think about what makes your heart sing. If you are drawn to more classic styles, then your signatures may include pearls, a gold link bracelet with a monogrammed charm, or a Cartier tank watch. The romantic will likely have layers of pearls or dreamy chandelier earrings. Baubles in turquoise, red coral, and armfuls of bangles will undoubtedly be part of a bohemian style.

Having a jewelry signature really puts the “you” in your ensemble. It could be just one specific piece (like a bangle with a horseshoe on it) or it could include a general theme (such as jeweled stacking rings or pieces with your initial on it). The goal is to not walk around looking like a cookie-cutter image from the latest catalogue or magazine. Instead, let your individuality shine through. So what is your jewelry signature?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Jewelry Signature?”

  1. When choosing your signature, how do you know (or how do you keep from reaching the point) when the signature becomes overwhelming. Nobody wants to be known as the “owl lady” with all jewelry showing off some type of owl no matter how much one may love them. Where and when should you draw this line?

    1. Excellent question, J. This is where one’s level of style and taste comes into play in deciding where to draw the line. Think about how you don’t want to walk around looking like a fashion victim wearing all the latest trends and “trying to hard.” The same goes with jewelry–you want to express your personal style, yet in a tasteful manner. For example, with my horn pendant passion, I don’t have them dripping all over my body. It’s usually just one, and not even necessarily every day. You won’t find me in horn earrings, a necklace, and a horn bracelet. It’s just too-too! So use your best judgement and don’t over-do it.

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