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It never ceases to amaze me that after 5+ years of jewelry blogging and into my 18th year of personal styling (where I pretty much am in the stores constantly), I can STILL come across such unique jewelry designs…those that stop me in my tracks and speak to me. This is exactly what happened as I walked down the first row of the NY Now Handmade show in New York City. I have a new jewelry crush on Ruth Tomlinson. Once I started chatting with Ruth, I was even more hooked. She is soft-spoken, yet passionate about her work. She is incredibly talented with detail, and when you see the intricacies of her pieces, you are truly drawn into a miniature world of gold and gems.

ruth tomlinson rings
Ruth led me on a tour of her four collections. The first up was Lustre, which features lots of diamonds. You can see both raw diamonds, just as they come out of the ground, right next to faceted stones in this collection. She told me how she really appreciates the inner glow of the stones and how they add a bit of mystery to the piece. I completely agree! This particular ring includes grey, champagne and white diamonds in 14K gold. She selects what carat of gold to use based on what will best complement the colors of the stones.

ruth tomlinson diamond cluster ring with faceted pear
Ruth graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art, and still resides in London, where her line is all made in studio. (Note to self: visit studio on next trip to London!) Though she does sketch designs, she is also very led by the process itself, seeing where the materials take her. She is constantly drawn into a miniature world. Boy, do I like this world!

Midas is the next collection I explored. Inspired by her travels in India, it’s full of color and reminiscent of treasures from long ago.

ruth tomlinson rings from the midas collection
The stacking bands in this group are quite swoon-worthy as well. Perhaps I need one?!

ruth tomlinson stacking bands
Next up was the Hoard collection, based on found treasures such as Victorian and Georgian diamonds. I could see many of these rings as alternative bridal options, couldn’t you?

ruth tomlinson diamond rings
How about stacking a bunch together? Fine by me! These four rings include all old hand-cut diamonds.

ruth tomlinson diamond rings
Ruth was wearing a couple bracelets from the Hoard collection as well — SO lovely!

ruth tomlinson bracelets
Last, but certainly not least, is the Encrustations collection, inspired by the sea. Aqueous colors, pearls and shades of aqua, coral, tourmaline and more all in textured gold. Delicious!

ruth tomlinson rings
Looking through this collection on her website, I’m quite enamored with this tourmaline and diamond ring. The subtlety and combination of hues is fabulous.

ruth tomlinson tourmaline and diamond ring
If you are as entranced by this line as I am, then take a couple minutes to watch this video which takes a closer look at her inspiration and process.

Inspirations from Ruth Tomlinson on Vimeo.

Such an absolute pleasure to meet you, Ruth! I appreciate all your time and creativity.

ruth tomlinson and amy roseveare

9 thoughts on “Ruth Tomlinson: Designer”

  1. OH my goodness. I love the first ring but when I saw the last one, my heart skipped a beat. WOW! All lovely!!! So great to meet her and see her line at the NY Now show.

  2. I loved her pieces as well, and I am with your Mom on the last ring!! Quite a showstopper! Lucky you for getting to see them in person. Thanks Amy!

  3. I own three of Ruth’s rings and a pair of her earrings. I found her work quite by accident when I was trawling the internet to find possible replacements for my engagement & wedding rings (after 25 yrs they were both looking a bit tired!).

    I was entranced by Ruth’s unique designs and immediately arranged a consultation with her.

    We really enjoyed meeting Ruth and greatly appreciated the amount of time and thought she put into helping us choose our new forever rings.

    The big problem with going to Ruth’s delightful studio, at least for me, is that it is impossible not to have a wandering eye over her other designs!

    Since I bought my wedding band and engagement rings, I’ve been back to the studio to buy one of Ruth’s Sapphire encrustation rings (which with its candy coloured stones, literally looks good enough to eat), a pair of diamond stud earrings to match my engagement ring and a Ruby Midas ring.

    I very much doubt my Ruth Tomlinson collection will end there. Her work is so beautiful and the experience of having the bespoke consultation is really special. I’ve never had as many compliments on any other jewellery that I own (and I own a lot, being a big collector of unusual designer pieces).

    1. Oh, Alex, I LOVE hearing this!! I have it on my jewelry bucket list to one day visit her studio in London and begin my own Ruth Tomlinson jewelry collection. Thank you so much for writing! 🙂

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