Atelier Gigi Stethoscope Ring Holder Pendant

Sometimes I come across something so darn clever, I just have to share…and this is one of those times! To be honest, I’ve never really thought about where doctors or nurses put their rings during medical procedures. Now that I think about it, I would assume they put it in a locker like they have on Grey’s Anatomy. Well Atelier Gigi (who you may remember from when she designed the engagement ring my brother gave to my now sister-in-law) just came up with something WAY cooler than stashing your ring in a locker.

The story goes something like this: She was working on an engagement ring for a young man who would be proposing to a medical student. While it didn’t work out to incorporate any medical theme into the ring itself, Gigi designed a stethoscope pendant to hang around her neck. Not only is this awfully cute on its own, but it serves as a place to hang her ring, right next to her heart, when she can’t be wearing it.

atelier gigi stethoscope ring holder pendant:necklace
Here’s the bride wearing the necklace with her ring placed on it. So not only is her ring safe, but it’s so precious in its sentimentality!

atelier gigi stethoscope ringd holder necklace
Knowing there are likely many in the medical field who would love to have one for themselves, Gigi is now selling these pendants on Etsy. You can order them in silver, 14K & 18K yellow or rose gold, or platinum. Perhaps this will give you a little head-start on your holiday shopping for the medical professional in your life!

6 thoughts on “Atelier Gigi Stethoscope Ring Holder Pendant”

  1. This is a pretty solution – ideal for doctors/nurses- but it brings up a bad memory for me.
    I went in for out patient surgery on my right hand. The nurse insisted I remove my graduation ring of emeralds and pearls on my left hand. Why I challenged?
    She insisted.
    She became the proud owner of my ring since I was out of it when I left the office post surgery.
    I called the same day but was told it was thrown out with the other surgical waste.
    It would not have been her first time. I was young. I should have thrown a huge fit. If I could remember the office name now – I would social media blitz the hell out of it til they paid me off to shut up.
    So I am warning others. Do not wear precious jewelry at the doctor’s – too risky.

    1. I’m so sorry that you had this experience, Patti! And yes, good lesson to learn never to wear jewelry when having a procedure done…

  2. I would love to buy this stethoscope ring holder pendant, but it says it’s no longer available. Will this item become available or purchase any time soon?

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