Signet Rings for Fall 2016

My fascination with signet rings was piqued about a month ago when Butterlane Antiques posted this photo on Instagram.

signet ring from butterlane antiques
For some reason, it seems so apropos to wear a signet ring as the leaves change colors and people head back to school. Perhaps it reminds me of my mom’s old class ring? Whatever is making the neurons connect in my crazy jewelry-obsessed brain, the fact remains that adding a signet ring to your jewelry box might be a fabulous idea right about now. (How is it that I don’t own one?!)

Signet rings are certainly nothing new, in fact they date back to 3500 BC! Though they historically have been used as a person’s “official mark,” they are now simply a personal expression of style. I’ve been keeping my eye out for stylish signets, both modern and vintage, and I have a few to share with you. In no particular order…

Bull Insignia Signet Ring from Esqueleto

bull insignia signet ring from esqueleto
Sarah Chloe Square Signet Ring (also comes in silver)

sarah chloe square signet ring
Alexis Kletjian Lucky Star Signet Ring (comes in rose gold, yellow gold and platinum)

alexis kletjian lucky star signet ring
Workhorse Jewelry Kendall Signet Ring

workhorse jewelry kendall signet ring
Knight in Shining Armor Signet Ring from Erica Weiner

knight in shining armor signet ring from erica weiner
Samantha Knight Signet Ring

signet ring from samantha knight jewelry
Jacquie Aiche Burst Diamond Signet Ring

jacquie aiche burst diamond and 14K yellow gold signet ring
Victorian Three Feather Signet Ring from Reliquary

victorian three feather signet ring from reliquary
Devon Woodhill Lotus Signet Ring

devon woodhill 18k polished rose gold an diamond lotus signet ring
As you can see from this handful of examples, there’s a wide range in styles of signet rings — from bold to more dainty, from sleek to more ornate. Perhaps there’s one that suits your personal style? Do tell.

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