Maggie Rose Looking Back Now Video: Jewelry Judge

I’ve always written Jewelry Judge about someone I’ve spotted live, but when I came across this video by Maggie Rose, I felt it was a perfect candidate for the series. Now granted, I’m not condoning the song, its message, the gun in the video, or anything like that. I’m just commenting on the jewlery.

While I could quickly ascertain this was not a high-budget video, I was drawn to the sound of Maggie’s voice (yes, there’s definitely a bit of a country girl inside me) and her five RINGS. Her ears and neck are naked, and her face has very minimal makeup. The two tops she dons are black and basically a non-color. This brilliantly draws your attention to her voice and her fingers.

maggie rose jewelry

maggie rose looking back now video
Why don’t you take a look at the video and see what you think. (If you’re getting this on an RSS feed, and the video is just a blank or black box, please click through to the blog post and you’ll be able to see it without issue.)

She has a cool combination of gold rings, including midi rings and a ring that seems to cover her right pinkly nail. A bit edgy, right? I’m liking it.

maggie rose jewlery
maggie rose looking back now video rings
I think the midi ring on her right finger may be from the Balenciaga set I wrote about in ’13, but that’s just a guess. So what’s your opinion? Do you like the look?

8 thoughts on “Maggie Rose Looking Back Now Video: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Well, I don’t mind all the rings but don’t appreciate where they’re worn – looks like they’re falling off 🙂

  2. I DO like most of the rings. They are kind of cool. I will say the one that covers her little fingernail, I really don’t like that much. Not sure why, it just looks more like a weapon!!

  3. Great pick for jewelry judge…
    Dont like the pinkie ring, but the rest look great!
    I get the no necklace and earings because she is in prision, but why does she get to wear the rings? So funny.

  4. Love Maggie Rose! She is so talented AND stylish! I’ve been following her style over on IG @iammaggierose for a while. There are only good things in her future for fashion + music!

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