Stacked Silver Men’s Cuffs: Jewelry Judge

Today I found myself in my local bookstore searching for sports magazines for my soon-to-be 16 year-old nephew. (The wedding is just around the corner!!) I know you will SO not be surprised that the jewelry on the sales associate is what really caught my eye…nothing against Sports Illustrated, of course. He was a very tall (maybe 6’3″?) super-masculine man with flowing grey hair that reached well beyond his shoulders. And on his wrist, were these two mesmerizing cuffs.

darin bill and canadian sterling silver men's cuffs
He didn’t seem to mind at all that I asked to photograph them. In fact he immediately took off his favorite, the weightiest sterling bracelet I’ve ever held, by the famous (and sadly deceased) Navajo artist Darin Bill.

darin bill sterling cuff bracelet
darin bill navajo bracelet
The inside was just as beautiful as the outside!

darin bill sterling silver cuff
The other bracelet was Canadian and had the eagle head that I’ve seen on some totem poles. The two paired together are just perfect!

Not only did I truly enjoy this pairing, but it was so well suited to his Levi’s charcoal shirt and dark washed jeans. The overall impression was so pleasing, with the bracelets being the focal point.

men's sterling bracelets
men's sterling cuff bracelets
I could tell this man appreciates both beauty and simplicity. Amazing how your attire can speak without you having to open your mouth, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Stacked Silver Men’s Cuffs: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Hi! I was hoping you could help me pick out an anniversary present for my husband. I’ve never bought jewellery for a man, and I’m not sure what I should look for. I would really like something that’s heirloom quality that we could pass on to our children. I reside in central texas and have been eyeing a few pieces at a jewelry store Austin Texas has, and the owners seemed very nice. Would you recommend any pieces from this store? I would really like a neutral opinion from an expert. I have been looking at the cufflinks they have, but those silver bracelets are striking (not sure my husband would wear them though). Thank you so much! Here’s their store: //www,

    1. I love that you’re thinking of buying jewlery for your husband! It would be impossible for me to pick out a gift for someone I didn’t know, so I’d say trust your instinct. Think about your husband’s personal style, and what he’d be comfortable in. Another thought is does it have to be a surprise? Or could you involve him in the decision? Happy shopping!

  2. What a lovely surprise. This man is my son’s father. He is an amazing Dad and I am so pleased to see this note. I also feel like he is not only using this jewelry as beautiful ornaments only but also as elements of strength and beauty. Two elements that are key in his life to make a happy world for our autistic 17 year old boy. The wonderful combination of elements in life!!

    1. I’m so glad that you came across this article, Adriana! I appreciate your observation about jewelry bringing strength and beauty to the wearer. I agree, and thank you for writing.

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