Maggie Rose Looking Back Now Video: Jewelry Judge

I’ve always written Jewelry Judge about someone I’ve spotted live, but when I came across this video by Maggie Rose, I felt it was a perfect candidate for the series. Now granted, I’m not condoning the song, its message, the gun in the video, or anything like that. I’m just commenting on the jewlery.

While I could quickly ascertain this was not a high-budget video, I was drawn to the sound of Maggie’s voice (yes, there’s definitely a bit of a country girl inside me) and her five RINGS. Her ears and neck are naked, and her face has very minimal makeup. The two tops she dons are black and basically a non-color. This brilliantly draws your attention to her voice and her fingers.

maggie rose jewelry

maggie rose looking back now video
Why don’t you take a look at the video and see what you think. (If you’re getting this on an RSS feed, and the video is just a blank or black box, please click through to the blog post and you’ll be able to see it without issue.)

She has a cool combination of gold rings, including midi rings and a ring that seems to cover her right pinkly nail. A bit edgy, right? I’m liking it.

maggie rose jewlery
maggie rose looking back now video rings
I think the midi ring on her right finger may be from the Balenciaga set I wrote about in ’13, but that’s just a guess. So what’s your opinion? Do you like the look?