Leather Bracelets: One of my Growing Obsessions

I’ve got a pretty darn solid sense of my personal style, which I describe as luxe bohemian. Translation: beachy, globe-trotting, relaxed feel dripping with gorgeous jewelry and accessories! (No one will ever accuse me of being a minimalist!) This is where developing my jewelry signature really helps define my style. My jewelry signatures include horn pendants, stacked rings and bangles, and druzy/agate pieces, to name a few.

I’ve begun adding a new signature the past 6 months or so…the leather bracelet. The concept evolved naturally, as I began incorporating some into my bracelet stacks. And now, I’m just becoming obsessed with them and noticing them everywhere! (It’s like the phenomenon when you’re shopping for a new car, and suddenly you start seeing your desired car all over the place!) Case in point, while shopping in San Francisco recently, I spotted this tremendous stack.

hermes bracelet stack
Hermes bracelet stack

This combination includes two Hermes enamel bangles (the H bracelet and the patterned one) along side a wide leather bracelet. It’s a little rock-n-roll, yet remains very sophisticated as well.

Victoria Beckham was also spotted stacking Hermes. Now this particular look is a bit too hard-core and sleek for my own personal style, but I can certainly appreciate it on her!

victoria beckham jewelry
Edgy Hermes stack

While in Las Vegas a couple months ago, I did encounter this killer bracelet at the Fendi store. This one spoke to me both with it’s lighter neutral color and the singular spike closure — just a bit of attitude, but not too much. In addition, it runs really tiny, so it fit my wrist perfectly. (Who knows why, but I have crazy small wrists for a tall girl!)

fendi leather bracelet
Softer rock-n-roll vibe

I also loved discovering Mulberry’s Bayswater leather bracelet when their store recently opened here in San Francisco. A client and I both swooped one up the week they opened! And the good news here is that they do come in more than one size and in quite a few different colors. I like that it’s not too wide, so it makes it easy to stack with other bracelets, allowing you to create very eclectic combinations.

mulberry bayswater bracelet
Be creative with your stacks!

Double-wrap leather bracelets are also increasingly popular. Hermes designs one of the most famous double-wraps, as shown here.

hermes leather bracelet
Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet

Gorgeous as this one is, for my own style, I prefer this taupe stunner with a big piece of Druzy by Rachel Olesker. I found this gem at The Store in Mill Valley, CA.

rachel olesker bracelet
This fits my luxe boho style perfectly!

So how do you feel about leather bracelets? Is this something you can see yourself wearing? Whatever your answer is, I bet you’ll notice one soon when you’re out and about! Cheers! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Leather Bracelets: One of my Growing Obsessions”

  1. I like them especially when paired with bead bracelets like in one of your pictures. Also love the last one with the gem!!

  2. is the mulberry bracelet small in size? 🙂
    i have quite large wrists and i’m thinking about getting one but not sure since they might be small in size..

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