Stacking Bracelets…Hot Trend!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about layering necklaces, and now I’d like to take it one step further by talking about stacking bracelets. It’s all the rage, and I bet you have just what you need right in your very own jewelry box to try this trend out. I’m sure you may be sick of hearing me say this by now, but if this trend meshes with your own personal style, then have fun with it. If it doesn’t, stay true to who you are!

There’s no need to be afraid when attempting a new bracelet configuration. You don’t need to stick with one color metal, and they don’t need to be all bangles, all chains, etc. Create interest with a mixture of textures and metals.

stacking bracelets 1
Mixed metals and textures in stacking bracelets

Here’s another example of an unexpected mix I spotted on a friend of mine. She said she had gone into her jewelry box and pulled out a couple bracelets from years gone by and paired them with a recent purchase. Combined with her two-tone watch, I think it’s a fun combination.

stacking bracelets 2
Mixing vintage and modern bracelets

You know what a bling girl I am, so this final example really sings to my soul. You can never have enough diamonds! And I love how she threw in the solid silver bangle for a truly chic look.

stacking bracelets 3
Diamonds galore in this stack!

I hope this inspires you to try out some new stacks of your own…your wrists are waiting!

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