Stacking Rings

I’ve written about layering necklaces and bracelets, but I’ve yet to talk about stacking rings. I think this goes beyond being a trend — it’s more of a personal style. Mixing metals, styles and scale, one can really let your personality shine through with this technique. And the bonus is that there are no set rules…you just need to experiment until you get the vibe you’re going for.

On a recent shopping trip with a client, she was excited to show me her new (beautiful) David Yurman ring which she had purchased on a girl’s weekend in Las Vegas. She and her long-time friend bought matching rings to commemorate the trip. She smartly paired this with a diamond band she already owned. On our shopping expedition, she found the perfect thin black diamond eternity band at Gallery of Jewels to complete the trifecta. Loving it!

diamond and black diamond stacking rings
Great combination!

Here’s another stack that was created over a few years’ time. The bottom ring is by Armenta, the middle ring was purchased at an estate sale, and the top ring is a beauty by Nina Bashrova from Manika Jewelry. Though they are all different, they still appeal to the same sensibility with the delicate gold/diamond story. In addition, the scale of each ring works harmoniously together.

diamond stacking rings
A coherent gold & diamond stack

Let your creativity run wild when experimenting with combinations. This group by Sylva & Cie rocks!

Sylva & Cie rings
Creative combination!

I’d love to see what stacks you come up with. Feel free to send me photos!

3 thoughts on “Stacking Rings”

  1. Gorgeous combinations – I’m jealous!

    Amy – what about stacking rings on girls who don’t have the longest of fingers? I’ve tried some on and feel they make my fingers look on the stubby side, where of course they are not. 😉 How can we best get in on this trend?

    1. I think stacking rings that are on the more fine/delicate side would be best. Also, think about how if you wear a shoe with a black ankle strap and it cuts your leg off? Similar effect with darker and wider rings. Select thinner rings that are closer to your skin tone, and those with sparkle (diamonds, anyone?!).

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