Downton Abbey Jewelry: Jewelry Judge

I, like many of you reading this post, am a HUGE fan of the British series, Downton Abbey. In fact, I’ve got Jan 5, 2014 on my calendar for the premiere of season 4 here in the States! The series starts towards the end of Edwardian England in 1912, and the third season ended around 1920. Aside from the perfectly cast actors and the compelling story lines, I eagerly await each episode to see what the characters are wearing. (Kudos to the costume designer!)

The period costumes are truly beautiful!
The period costumes are truly beautiful!

Imagine my surprise when I spotted this display while shopping in Macy’s over the weekend.

downton abbey jewelry at Macy's

I took a closer look at many of the pieces.

downton abbey jewelry

downton abbey earrings

downtown abbey hair pins

While the line definitely evokes the feel of the era, I really don’t see how this collection is going to take off. Granted, if you were dressing as one of the characters for Halloween, then this is ideal. But are people really going to go for it in real life? I’m dubious. Perhaps someone with a romantic personal style may opt for a piece here and there, but I don’t see myself or most people I know running out to Macy’s to purchase. What’s your opinion? Would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Jewelry: Jewelry Judge”

  1. I LOVE Downton Abbey, but this jewelry is just the over commercialization of a wonderful series. I say no, I would not buy it (it also looks really cheap/ cheesy from the pics)!

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