Etienne Aigner in Soho, NYC

Although it’s been over a month since I worked in NYC, I’m still basking in the lasting shopping glow. During one of my “exploration” days, I wandered up and down every street in Soho. I took a double-take when I saw the Etienne Aigner shop on Greene St. I hadn’t seen this brand around in quite some time, and if memory serves, it was quite conservative, and I’ll just say it…boring. Never one to let this stop me, I entered the newly opened store, and boy was I in for a nice surprise! The line, which includes clothing, shoes, leather goods and jewelry, has gone through a complete transformation! Thoroughly modern and very wearable, I spent quite some time examining all the jewelry.

Designed by local jeweler, Sarah Magid, the jewelry collection is quite diverse. I know that customers with a wide range of personal styles will find something they like.

etienne aigner jewelry

These refined spike pieces definitely have a modern, rock n’ roll edge.

etienne aigner jewelry

And this case appeals to those with a more bohemian vibe.

etienne aigner jewlery

And if drama is your style, then you might be drawn to this statement necklace.

etienne aigner jewerly

This collection of costume jewelry has very accessible price points, and includes materials such as leather, semi-precious stones, and 12K gold plate. It’s nickel-free as well, for those with sensitivities. And what did Amy go home with? Because you KNOW I didn’t leave empty handed! Well I surprised myself with this necklace, made from African jade stones. It’s perfect to layer with some of my other necklaces, and very different than anything I own.

stone blocks necklace

I think this reversible leather cuff with a magnetic clasp is pretty chic as well.

leather reversible cuff

Though this is currently their only shop in the US, they do have their jewelry available on their site. Click here to check it out.

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