Bauble Sweetness

Ok…so I admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for my godson. But on a recent visit, he blew me away. His mom (my college roommate) and I were chatting away, and he suddenly disappeared. A while later, he reappeared with his hands behind his back. Now you can never guess what a little boy might be holding…an earthworm? something he accidentally broke? In this case, it was one of the most special pieces of jewelry I’ve ever received. He had created a necklace with fishing wire and a shell he’d found on the beach near his grandfather’s house. It was hard not to cry when I put it on. Thanks, Andrew!!

shell necklace
How did he know I'm such a jewelry-a-holic?!

shell necklace
The proud designer!

Not only did he make me one, but he also created one for his mom from a precious heart-shaped shell he found on that same beach. I think we have a true romantic on our hands!

shell necklaces
Too darling for words...

Just ALL wrong!: Jewelry Judge

I first have to apologize for the quality of this photo…it was taken in a dark place during a concert. Even though the show on stage was quite tremendous, the hand of the gal next to me just stole the show. It’s one thing to rock the huge, embellished cross ring. I can get into that if it jives with the outfit. But combined with one of the most frightening manicures I’ve ever laid eyes on, I just was flabbergasted. What was she thinking?!? (And really, those nails must be a safety hazard!)

cross ring
I am almost beyond comment....

Just Pretty!

So today I had the unusual delight of spending the day shopping with my dear friend and colleague, Jen (whom I’ve known since kindergarten!). We weren’t shopping for clients, but rather for ourselves. Such fun! When I caught a glimpse of her bag and jewelry lying on the pedestal in the dressing room, it just made me smile. The harmony and simplicity of the combination is lovely.

jen's bag & jewelry
Fabulously feminine!

Injuries: Case #1

Jewelry injuries? Are you kidding me? Actually, no…perhaps you’ve even experienced one yourself. I happened to run into a client of mine at a trunk show at the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus. Her eyes were all a-glitter as she gazed at the treasures before her. Her “possible” purchases were carefully laid upon a black velvet tray as I approached.

“Ooooh, I want to check them all out!” I exclaimed. “Please model them for me!”

She smiled widely as she started with some earrings, next a necklace or two, and finally we got to the gem-laden bangles.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but I need to be careful putting these on. My thumb and joint area really hurt,” she said.

Now this is a young, athletic client, so I knew it couldn’t be arthritis setting in right there at the Neiman’s jewelry counter. So what could it possibly be?

You guessed it…she was sore from trying on bangles! The constant push over her joints had caused a bonafide jewelry injury. Aside from some Advil, I said the only solution was clearly to buy herself some of her great picks — she had earned them! šŸ˜‰

Bangle injury
Do this repeatedly, and your hand will hurt!

Bulgari S. Pellegrino!

Now I am a self-professed jewelry-a-holic, but seriously, even the water at a recent luncheon knows it! I was dining with one of my fave clients in downtown SF the other day, When the sparkling water was brought to the table, I couldn’t believe my eyes — it was bejeweled!

Bulgari Pellegrino
A bejeweled bottle of Pellegrino!

Apparently the two Italian luxury brands paired up for a celebration of the colorful and refined Italian spirit in honor of Bulgari’s 125th anniversary. The necklace featured on the bottle is in the classic 1960’s Bulgari style, with cabochon emeralds, turquoise, rubies and amethyst along with brilliant cut diamonds, all set in yellow gold.

These special bottles are only out for 3 months, being poured in fine restaurants around the globe. Guess my jewelry faries wanted to make sure I saw it! Salute!

Bulgari S. Pellegrino water bottle
I love when even bottles accessorize!

Self-Gifting: What’s Your Opinion?

The post I recently put up about my “boyfriend gift” is creating quite a buzz, both in the comment section and with people I know. It turns out that there really is a wide range of emotions and stigma associated with a woman buying herself jewelry.

I started seeing this phenomenon early in my career as a personal shopper, when some of my clients were either very hesitant or would downright refuse to buy themselves jewelry. There wasn’t quite as big of an issue with less expensive, costume jewelry…but heck, throw a little diamond or ruby in there and suddenly it was a whole different ballgame.

Some women felt that all their “good” jewelry should come from their husbands or significant other. Another client stated that her husband would actually be upset if he saw her wearing something that he didn’t buy her. Really?! In the days where we can be the CEO of a company, run for office or single-handedly raise children, isn’t it OK to buy oneself something you love?

I would go as far as saying that buying yourself jewelry can actually be empowering. This is not to diminish the delight when receiving jewelry as a gift, of course, but it’s just totally different. I feel that being self-sufficient is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Knowing that you can pay your rent, put food on the table, and even buy yourself some diamond hoops if you want them are all part of building one’s self-worth.

Ladies, I believe in you! And if you want to go buy yourself something sparkly, I applaud you!

How do you feel about self-gifting?

The “Boyfriend Gift”

Ok…so I’m faced with a jewelry shopping dilemma this holiday season. For countless years, I’ve been buying myself a “boyfriend gift” each Christmas. My rationale was that when the holiday rolled around and I didn’t have a boyfriend, the money I would have spent on him, I would in turn buy myself a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I mean really, why should I be punished by having no boyfriend and no beautiful jewelry?! Thus, my collection has been steadily growing.

Now, come Christmas 2011, I find myself with a boyfriend, but certainly not your average man, on any level. He is homeless by choice, doesn’t own a phone, he can fit his entire wardrobe into his 20 year old duffle bag, and we most certainly agreed not to exchange gifts. (Though he could use a new duffle bag…but that’s besides the point)

So here’s my question. I have the guy, but still will not be getting any sparkly present. Don’t I deserve one? Should I amend my rule and buy myself a boyfriend gift anyways this year? I’m curious what your opinion is — please share!

The boyfriend...