Bauble Sweetness

Ok…so I admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for my godson. But on a recent visit, he blew me away. His mom (my college roommate) and I were chatting away, and he suddenly disappeared. A while later, he reappeared with his hands behind his back. Now you can never guess what a little boy might be holding…an earthworm? something he accidentally broke? In this case, it was one of the most special pieces of jewelry I’ve ever received. He had created a necklace with fishing wire and a shell he’d found on the beach near his grandfather’s house. It was hard not to cry when I put it on. Thanks, Andrew!!

shell necklace
How did he know I'm such a jewelry-a-holic?!

shell necklace
The proud designer!

Not only did he make me one, but he also created one for his mom from a precious heart-shaped shell he found on that same beach. I think we have a true romantic on our hands!

shell necklaces
Too darling for words...

7 thoughts on “Bauble Sweetness”

  1. he is a monkey but can be so sweet sometimes 🙂 his auntie and mom are teaching him early that girls really like jewelry!!!

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