Just ALL wrong!: Jewelry Judge

I first have to apologize for the quality of this photo…it was taken in a dark place during a concert. Even though the show on stage was quite tremendous, the hand of the gal next to me just stole the show. It’s one thing to rock the huge, embellished cross ring. I can get into that if it jives with the outfit. But combined with one of the most frightening manicures I’ve ever laid eyes on, I just was flabbergasted. What was she thinking?!? (And really, those nails must be a safety hazard!)

cross ring
I am almost beyond comment....

2 thoughts on “Just ALL wrong!: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Oh my! I love me some pearls, as you know, but glued to my manicure? Not so much. I realize I have selected one small aspect of what is going wrong here! Wow. GREAT photo!

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