The “Boyfriend Gift”

Ok…so I’m faced with a jewelry shopping dilemma this holiday season. For countless years, I’ve been buying myself a “boyfriend gift” each Christmas. My rationale was that when the holiday rolled around and I didn’t have a boyfriend, the money I would have spent on him, I would in turn buy myself a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I mean really, why should I be punished by having no boyfriend and no beautiful jewelry?! Thus, my collection has been steadily growing.

Now, come Christmas 2011, I find myself with a boyfriend, but certainly not your average man, on any level. He is homeless by choice, doesn’t own a phone, he can fit his entire wardrobe into his 20 year old duffle bag, and we most certainly agreed not to exchange gifts. (Though he could use a new duffle bag…but that’s besides the point)

So here’s my question. I have the guy, but still will not be getting any sparkly present. Don’t I deserve one? Should I amend my rule and buy myself a boyfriend gift anyways this year? I’m curious what your opinion is — please share!

The boyfriend...

10 thoughts on “The “Boyfriend Gift””

  1. And he’s one of the most wonderful men I’ve met – he just travels a LOT!! I say you should miss a year as having a boyfriend like the one you have is a treasure in itself 🙂

  2. Mom could be right…. OR you could celebrate having such a wonderful man and let him help you choose this year….? You will think of him every time you wear it!

  3. Oh Lordy Amy,
    You are so funny, maybe you could donate to your favorite
    charity in his name and he can do the same! it is a win win
    situation for all.Happy Holidays

  4. I have ALWAYS selected a gift for myself for Christmas & my birthday every year I’ve been earning an income. I’ve been thru 2 marriages & am on my 3rd with all those gifts having steadily accumulailted. Regardless of how awesome my current (& final) man is, I would feel remiss not treating myself as I always have for the hard work & success in my business & money earned. Selecting a new piece of jewelry is a ritual in itself. A ritual that should carry on. Your love with this man is unconventional as it is beautiful. My vote is yes. Happy shopping!

  5. I was not going to comment, but felt it necessary due to the totally misleading and biased description of myself in this blog post which I feel must be corrected so that everyone has a truly accurate description of who I am. My duffel bag is definitely not 20 years old. It’s only 18.

  6. When in doubt about whether to buy a piece of jewelry, ALWAYS BUY THE JEWELRY.

    It’s easier, it’s safer, and I mean what are we here for?? :^D

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