Convertible Bracelets by Tabra

On that same trip up to the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area, I was in Sandpiper Jewelry and Gifts, and I came upon a pretty ingenious idea for a bracelet, and one that I’d never seen before. It’s a convertible bracelet where you buy the main chain part, and then you can buy different pendant-closures. So with the investment in only one bracelet, you can achieve a variety of looks just by changing out the connector!

Convertible Bracelets by Tabra

Tabra has been in the jewelry business for many years, and her extensive travel clearly is a heavy influence on her designs. The bracelets and connector pieces had a very tribal, somewhat gypsy feel. (Of course, this makes my bohemian luxe heart happy!)

This was probably my favorite one — to me it felt a little like Bali meets Byzantine.

Tabra bracelet -- Love it!

She sells her line in boutiques all over the country, including at Mosaic in SFO’s new terminal two. I love her tag line, “Women…choose your Magic carefully and keep it with you always.” That’s just how I feel about the jewelry I choose to wear each day.

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