December Birthstone: Turquoise

I’ve been a fan of turquoise ever since my dad brought me a necklace with turquoise beads from a business trip when I was about 4. (I still have it, in fact!) As a young adult I visited New Mexico, and I couldn’t decide which hue I liked best — from the true blue to the blue-greens. I’ve come to the conclusion I like it all! (shocker, I know) I’m a fan of everything from vintage Native American Squash Blossom necklaces to sleek, modern pieces.

Turquoise, which gets its name from the French words for “Turkish Stone” has been part of the human culture since ancient times. Turquoise beads have been unearthed from 5000 BC, if you can believe it! Throughout history, this stone has been an amulet of protection, a sign of wealth and wisdom. It’s considered sacred by many cultures. In addition, this stone promotes:

-serenity & peace
-relieves stress
-heightens creativity
-aids the immune system
-grounds oneself
-promotes honest communication
-helps your body detox

With all these amazing attributes in mind, which piece of jewelry from the selection below would you pick if you had a bottomless wallet?

Ann Dexter-Jones turquoise ID bracelet

ann dexter-jones turquoise ID bracelet
Jennifer Meyer double drop turquoise and diamond earrings

jennifer meyer double drop turquoise and diamond earrings
Arik Kastan turquoise ring

arik kastan turquoise ring
Blackbird and The Snow rose gold and turquoise bird earrings

blackbird and the snow rose gold turquoise bird stud earrings
Suzanne Kalan turquoise ring

suzanne kalan turquoise ring
Pascale Monvoisin turquoise and diamond cuff

pascale monvoisin louise turquoise cuff
Feathered Soul sleeping beauty turquoise and diamond necklace

feathered soul sleeping beauty turquoise pendant necklace
Armenta green turquoise and opal band

armenta green turquoise and opal band ring
Zoe Chicco turquoise cuff

zoe chicco turquoise cuff
Andrea Fohrman turquoise crescent moon ring

andrea fohrman turquoise crescent moon ring
Now don’t forget, that turquoise is one of four birthstones for the month of December. If you missed my article on tanzanite, then click here to get caught up. Happy birthday to you December babies!

Turquoise: A Summer Staple

Turquoise has been one of my favorite gems throughout my life. Though it can certainly be worn year round, many people associate it with summer. I can see why this is the case when I visit places like Capri, Italy, where people are adorned with turquoise in everything from their jewelry to their sandals.

Generally, turquoise comes in colors ranging from blues to greens, although it also comes in white. It has been used in jewelry and other items for thousands of years. Cultures from ancient Egyptians to Native Americans have made exquisite turquoise jewelry.

I was at a party and spotted this to-die-for necklace on my friend, Michelle. Come to find out, it once belonged to her grandmother, but she usually only wears it for special occasions. Tell me it’s not true! I think this necklace would be just as fabulous with a t-shirt and jeans as it would be with a cocktail dress, and I encouraged her to wear it more often.

Michelle's turquoise necklace
Michelle's vintage turquoise necklace

I find that turquoise usually comes set in silver. When I was at the Wynn in Las Vegas I came across these Peruvian turquoise earrings set in gold. Of course, I had to swoop them up. Plus, they have a much greener hue, which really appealed to me.

vegas earrings
Peruvian turquoise earrings set in gold

When I mention turquoise to my clients, many of them have the reaction, “Oh, I don’t like that southwest look.” But the truth of the matter is that you can find turquoise in every sort of style. Here’s an example of a modern take on turquoise.

turquoise buddah necklace
Buddah meets turquoise

If turquoise makes your heart happy, then I think you should explore the colors, settings, metals, and styles it comes in. I’m sure you’ll come across something that fits right in with your personal coloring and style.