stôn by Latondra

There’s something so exciting about the birth of a brand new jewelry line! stôn launched just this past June, and it’s making a splash in the world of jewelry. I was fortunate to connect with Latondra (Ton), the designer of this line, and explore some of the pieces in person.

First, take a look at the Pulley II necklace — so unique how it moves along the chain.

Tell me a bit about the Pulley necklace. I just love the kinetic movement!

The pulleys were inspired by my three sisters. They’re busy mothers and career women who are always on the go but are rarely frazzled. I wanted to honor them with a design that moves freely but has discipline at the same time (and I have to admit that it also appeals to my engineering background). The four of us have these pulleys in sterling, and I used gemstones from some of our late mother’s fine jewelry. I guess we get that energy from her!

What is your background — have you always been in jewelry?

Jewelry is a relatively new passion for me; I’ve always played around with textiles, small household fixtures, painting and photography, but nothing captured me like jewelry has. I grew up in a large family of artisans — quilt-makers, furniture makers, home builders — so making things is in my blood!

How did you end up creating this line?

We officially launched stôn in June. Before that I made custom pieces for friends’ special occasions, like his and his wedding bands. That experience gave me the confidence to do more.

One of the pieces I had the pleasure of trying on is the Shield ring made from bronze and rose cut grey diamonds. Latondra said, “The Shield ring evolved from an idea, to a sketch, and is brought to life in a powerful, finished piece. Cast in bronze and set with rose cut, natural colored diamonds. You never know when inspiration will hit you. I was heading into a difficult meeting one day, and the idea of armor came to mind. I jotted this design on a scrap of paper. This ultimately became our Shield ring. I hope it empowers women to charge though difficult times with strength, grace and integrity.”

You have four women on your stôn team — what roles do you each play?

Evelyn is a highly talented jeweler. When I knew the demand would exceed my personal capacity, I wanted to find someone who could not only make beautiful things but help me develop my craft as well. Sarah manages our story telling platforms. She introduced me to Evelyn, and she also encouraged me to pursue this work when I had doubts about it. Melissa and Stacey keep the wheels on the operation. They are terrific planners and operations managers who allow me to focus on what I love — creating! All of us are sales ambassadors for stôn, and we have a shared value for quality and sustainability.

I love the way women work together. We uplift each other, juggle so many obligations, and still manage to have a great time.



Ton in ball + chain cluster necklace and Rick Owens gown; Photographed by Sarah Alexandra Teodorescu

How would you describe the aesthetic of your line?

My designs are inspired by women and nature — both are resilient. I want the patina, textures and heft of the pieces to provoke images of unearthing treasures. Antiquity meets modern.

I think this is perfect description of this line. Here is a diamond bracelet, called the ball+chain III. It’s crafted from oxidized silver and rose cut diamonds, cast in place. It definitely has the feel of something from long ago, yet modern in approach. I could easily see myself wearing this stacked with other bracelets in my jewelry box. (Take a look at yesterday’s Instagram post to see this in action!)

What sort of woman do you envision wearing your jewelry?

I fantasize about a tribe of women out there wearing stôn who are confident, kind and making a difference in their own ways. They don’t need to wear something shiny to know they’re wearing something special.

Do you have a “jewelry uniform” and wear the same pieces every day? Or do you mix it up? Do you ever mix your pieces with other designers?

I mix it up each day. Often, I’ll wear prototypes of new designs so that I can see how they wear over a period of time before fully committing to them. stôn mixes so well with different styles, and I especially enjoy wearing it with my vintage pieces. Layering is such a great way to transform an outfit.

What are your dreams in how the line will evolve and grow?

I’d love to evolve and grow over time, keeping it a bespoke line. Success for me is having the freedom to create when I want, meeting amazing people along the way, while appealing to that growing tribe of women who see the potential this world has. I’m not in a hurry — there’s so much to learn along the way.

Of course, as a stylist, when I see a jewelry collection I immediately start envisioning how I would style it, wondering what clothing lines I could see it effortlessly meshing with. In this case, I pictured an edgy look from Rick Owens.

Or, with a dress such as this maxi from Zero+Maria Cornejo. Perfect backdrop for jewelry, don’t you think?

How would you style the line to suit your own personal style? I want to thank Ton for her time and for letting me explore these pieces in person. I truly appreciate it, and I wish you and your team a very sparkly future!

Nancy Newberg: Jewelry Designer

I’m a big fan of chainlink bracelets, especially those which have an interesting texture, perhaps some mixed metals, and if you throw in some diamonds, I’m IN! So when I started seeing bracelets from Nancy Newberg on Instagram, I knew I had to meet her at the Couture show!

nancy newberg bracelet stack
I may have been hyperventilating a little bit when I tried on this stack. Can you believe how good it is?! (I want them all!) Interspersing some of her bangles really made the combo “pop.” Take a look at the stack of bangles she was wearing…

nancy newberg bracelets
Nancy is a Los Angeles-based designer, about 5 years into her business. With a background in fashion (her fine fashion line was carried in many stores), Nancy found herself with grown children and ready for a new chapter in her life. I’m so glad she chose jewlery as her new avenue of creativity!

nancy newberg cuff
Nancy sketches each piece, and they are all hand-crafted and hand-set in Los Angeles. She uses 14k gold and oxidized silver, accented with diamonds and pearls. She doesn’t use any colored stones, but rather sticks to a neutral color palette. (Like my closet!) I enjoyed trying on her diamond ball rings, which come in three colors.

nancy newberg rings
She also has necklace versions.

nancy newberg necklaces
If these images have you wanting to see more, then click here to see more of Nancy Newberg’s designs.

I’m so glad we were able to meet, Nancy! I definitely have one of your link bracelets on my “jewelry lust list.”


Hangin' with Nancy
Hangin’ with Nancy


Brooke Gregson: Designer

I’ve had a crush on Brooke Gregson’s jewelry line for many years, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet her in person and play with her jewels at the Couture show. Does her name sound familiar to you? You may know her for her well-known woven silk bracelets with gemstones. Simply divine.

brooke gregson woven silk bracelets
If I had my dream, I’d probably pick this boulder opal ellipse silk and gold bracelet for myself. Isn’t it gorge?!

brooke gregson boulder opal ellipse silk gold bracelet
The lovely Brooke was raised in California and now lives in London. She has studios both in her Notting Hill neighborhood and in Los Angeles. Since founding her business in 2004, Brooke has always maintained strict quality in all her pieces, each hand-made with the assistance of master craftsmen. I was particularly entranced with her engraved pieces. I don’t know which of these three rings I like better. The engraving is all done by hand, and is inspired by her watercolor paintings. (Yes, she paints too!)

brooke gregson engraved opal rings
Can you see the wide array of colors in the boulder opals? Brooke carefully selects each stone she works with and often chooses gems which others may have overlooked, as they didn’t seem “perfect enough.” It shows how she can see the beauty within. This substantial cuff is another in her engraved series. No…I did not want to take it off!

brooke gregson engraved boulder opal artemis cuff
The two collections meld together effortlessly, as seen in this stellar stack she posted on her Instagram feed. (If you want a riot of color in your feed, I suggest following Brooke Gregson.)

brooke gregson bracelet stack
I was also drawn to her Ziggurat collection, so named for the rectangular stepped temples from ancient Mesopotamia. Here are two rings from this group.

brooke gregson ziggurat rings
The larger of these two rings is named the Hoffman Boulder Opal Sapphire ring. Don’t you think the color combination is so unique? I think Brooke’s talent in painting and drawing has really opened her eyes to mixing colors in ways that others may not think of.

Here are some Ziggurat necklaces layered together.

brooke gregson necklaces
Once again, I’m in awe of the colors in this complex Ziggurat necklace, composed of boulder opal, turquoise and pink sapphires. It really pops!

brooke gregson boulder opal turquoise ziggurat double bar necklace
If you’re looking for some alternative bridal rings, one of these may be what you’re looking for. I’ve got on the Eclipse Diamond Ring and the Ziggurat Frame Diamond Ring. Which would you choose?

brooke gregson geometric diamond rings
Truly, this line is organic elegance at its best. It’s a jewelry goal to one day own a piece myself. Thanks so much for spending time with me, Brooke! I look forward to our next meeting.

brooke gregson and amy roseveare

Sophie Buhai

She had me at her “egg” necklace — her signature piece. As soon as I came across it online, I knew I had to have one for myself. And let me tell you, when I received it, it did not disappoint! It has become one of my go-to necklaces.

sophie buhai egg pendant
Sophie, formerly the co-creative director of Vena Cava, premiered her jewelry line just last spring. This week I received her e-mail newsletter showcasing her spring/summer ’16 line, and I just have to share a few of my favorite items from this beautifully sleek and sculptural collection.

Quartz drop collar

sophie buhai quartz drop collar
Arp earrings

sophie buhai arp earrings
Joan bangle

sophie buhai joan bangle
Long quartz drop earrings

sophie buhai long quartz drop earrings
sohpie buhai long quartz drop earring
Janet pendant

sophie buhai janet pendant
Pretty stunning, right? These sterling silver beauties are handcrafted in Los Angeles. I encourage you to explore her website (which includes her interior designs) and follow her on Instagram.

Sara Weinstock: Designer

There’s something enticing, sparkling, and yet serene (though these qualities may seem like they contradict) about Sara Weinstock. When I began speaking with her, I was instantly drawn in — devouring her stories and entranced by her demeanor, let alone by the captivating jewels shining in her cases.

Amy and Sara
Amy and Sara

I knew that she was my kind of gal when she told me she brought her mother’s engagement ring to her first day of kindergarten. Eager to share with her friends, the ring was sadly lost. (This is so reminiscent of when I picked out all the real gems from my jewelry at around the same age and was horrified when I lost them as well.) Our mutual life-long love of jewelry led us along our own journeys, which brought us both to this day at the Couture show in Las Vegas.

A fellow San Francisco Bay Area Native, Sara was born into a family of female artists. When she found herself single and with both children out of the house, jewelry was a natural path for her. She needed something to fill her days and bring her joy, and making jewelry surely does that.

One of her new collections, French Tulip, is inspired by the intricate ironwork on the bannisters and balconies of Paris, as well as by the patterns in lace. Here’s a vignette of her inspirations.

sara weinstock inspiration
This diamond necklace is  most definitely a star in this collection!

sara weinstock necklace
sara weinstock necklace
These three rings, made in her own alloy of pink gold, are also part of the French Tulip collection. They are equally beautiful on their own, or worn in multiples.

sara weinstock rings
I was also very enamored of her Taj collection, with its perfect use of negative space and clear architectural influences. Aren’t these rings just great worn on the same finger?

sara weinstock rings
This Taj cuff makes me dream of far away lands…

sara weinstock taj cuff
Sara’s line is made in Los Angeles, and she’s now in her eighth year of business. She puts her heart into this line, which is a “mirror into her soul.” This particular bracelet is named Cecilia after her grandmother. Can you guess why? It’s because the shape of the bracelet is the pattern of her grandmother’s silver. What a modern, yet sentimental interpretation!

sara weinstock bracelet
I adore this photo she instagrammed while in Vegas, showcasing a total Sara Weinstock arm party!

sara weinstock bracelets
The Paba collection is among her current favorites. Paba= pave + ball. Cute! Here’s another of her photos which shows her Paba layered necklace.

sara weinstock paba necklaces
I think the different permutations of the Paba rings are both whimsical and elegant at the same time.

sara weinstock paba rings
While you may find her dining at Nobu (her favorite restaurant) or shopping at Barney’s (one of her fave stores), her number one place to rest and relax with family is up at Lake Tahoe. At any of these venues, she’ll likely be wearing her 17-stone ring, which is from her French Lace collection. I can certainly see why it’s her go-to piece.

sara weinstock 17 stone ring
If you’d like to get your hands on a piece of Sara’s work, then click here for a list of stockists. Sara, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Sylva & Cie: Designer

I had the Sylva & Cie trunk show at Wilke’s Bashford on my calendar for quite some time, and trust me, it did not disappoint. The first lovely that grabbed my attention was a diamond ring beyond imagination. (btw, she only uses reclaimed diamonds in her designs) Turns out Sylva calls this design the “ten table ring” as you can see it from ten tables away. No doubt!! (one more item for my lust list) When creating one of these rings, she lays out the diamonds just like she was creating a painting.

sylva and cie ring
Ten table ring indeed!

There was also an incredible necklace, crafted from a bronze Russian icon (estimated to be from the late 1700’s to early 1800’s) surrounded by diamonds, then strung on a necklace of reclaimed antler. I was in awe. It’s like something you’d see in a royal museum!

sylva & cie necklace
I’ve always had a thing for icons

And the “chain…”

sylva and cie necklace
Organic and beautiful

Sylva Yepremian has been designing for 23 years now, and her exuberance hasn’t faded in the least. She told me that she’s ecstatic every morning as she wakes up, so thankful that she’s a designer and not a doctor. Cheers to following your passion!!

sylva yepremian and amy roseveare
With Sylva at her trunk show

She “sees each woman as a goddess, worthy of being adorned with beautiful pieces of jewelry.” And her repertoire includes some very edgy work! There were numerous necklaces with skulls made from reclaimed moose antler. Each one has a story, from Romeo and Juliet to other notable historical figures.

sylva & cie skulls
The detail is simply astounding!

All of her treasures are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in Los Angeles. Even her chains are made in house, using techniques from 100 years ago. Her line is definitely “not luxury for the masses” (her words), which is one of it’s star qualities. Sylva truly is invested in each of her pieces, and feels that they are meaningful and full of soul. I agree — fabulous!