Convertible Bracelets by Tabra

On that same trip up to the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area, I was in Sandpiper Jewelry and Gifts, and I came upon a pretty ingenious idea for a bracelet, and one that I’d never seen before. It’s a convertible bracelet where you buy the main chain part, and then you can buy different pendant-closures. So with the investment in only one bracelet, you can achieve a variety of looks just by changing out the connector!

Convertible Bracelets by Tabra

Tabra has been in the jewelry business for many years, and her extensive travel clearly is a heavy influence on her designs. The bracelets and connector pieces had a very tribal, somewhat gypsy feel. (Of course, this makes my bohemian luxe heart happy!)

This was probably my favorite one — to me it felt a little like Bali meets Byzantine.

Tabra bracelet -- Love it!

She sells her line in boutiques all over the country, including at Mosaic in SFO’s new terminal two. I love her tag line, “Women…choose your Magic carefully and keep it with you always.” That’s just how I feel about the jewelry I choose to wear each day.

How to Lose a Sale!

Ok, I know I’m in the image business and that image really does matter. But it still completely shocks and horrifies me when I see it in action in a negative way, or experience it myself!

Jeff and I were enjoying poking around all the shops in Mendocino this past weekend. Of course, I had to hit each and every jewelry store we encountered. On the way back to the car, Jeff spied one on a side street that had escaped my normally perfect radar. Upon entering the beautiful establishment, the sole employee did not even acknowledge us. Hmmm…strange, especially since there wasn’t a single other customer in the store. Granted, we were in our “hiking clothes,” but nevertheless, most of the people out and about were not in their Sunday best!

After making verbal contact with her (though she wouldn’t look at me), we continued to stroll around the stunning displays. I finally stopped and asked about a stylish 1960’s carnelian cocktail ring, talking about its history and asking a few questions. Did she even offer to take it out of the case to try it on? No. Did she seriously just walk away from both me and the jewelry case mid-conversation? Yes. Did she com-PLETELY lose a possible sale? MOST definitely!

I still get worked up just thinking about it. Apparently the scene with Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive from Pretty Woman is not as fictionalized as we might think. How sad…

Really? You won't even show me the ring?!