Long Turquoise Necklace: Jewelry Judge

Yesterday I was psyched to stop by The Podolls in Burlingame to see the latest and greatest fall arrivals. As I was chatting with Josh, half of the husband/wife team behind this local, sustainably-made brand, I got distracted… A woman walked in and I was instantly drawn to her look.

long turquoise necklace
Though her outfit was cute, I wouldn’t have necessarily done a double-take without the necklace. Not only did it add a major pop of color, but it created this cool vertical line which led right up to her smiling face. It complemented the long lines of her jacket and the overall impression was casual, not over-done, andΒ just right.

And do you want to hear where it was from? It was found online at Anthropologie! This goes to show that you don’t always have to spend a fortune on jewelry to really take your outfit to a whole new level. (And of course I came home and had to check out the whole jewelry section on the Anthropologie website — I did find the necklace, and it’s only $88.)

gemline lariat necklace by lena bernard
Another key lesson from his look — it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort take an outfit from nice to pretty awesome. In this case, simply adding a necklace. That can’t slow you down getting out the door too much, can it?!

(P.S. I just realized that this is the 500th article I’ve written for my blog. Time to celebrate!)

12 thoughts on “Long Turquoise Necklace: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Congratulations on 500 interesting articles, darling daughter!!! Keep it going!! I do love the necklace above – very different and effective!!

  2. Love this necklace and love that it is so very different and yet so simple! I have a necklace I bought from Anthro a few years ago and it gets much interest when I wear it. Oh, and congratulations on our 500th article. I look forward to the next 500!!

    1. Anthropologie does seem to have quite a few cool pieces in their jewlery line. Did you know they also sell fine jewelry online? And thanks — here’s to the next 500. πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow!!! this is stunning yet so simple.
    Congrats on your 500th article. An achievement not to be sniffed at πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks for keeping me updated!
    And thanks for the blog- I know sometimes it feels like work to you! But not to read it, for me!

  5. Big congratulations Amy on your 500th post! I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep it coming! And come to Seattle to explore sometime! I would be happy to take you to some of my favorite shops. Loved the look of The Podolls today. πŸ™‚ Gina

    1. Thanks so much, Gina! Amazing how time flies when you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. I love Seattle and I’ll let you know next time I’m up there.

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