Lucky Brand Layered Necklaces

My client and I popped into the Lucky Brand store recently, and we found this cool layered necklace. At first, we thought it was a couple necklaces on the same display, yet it turned out to be one, with three different layers.

lucky brand layered necklace
What makes this design ever-so-clever, is that each layer is on individual hooks, so that you can select which layers you’d like to wear that day. So perhaps you just want the longer two strands? No problem. Or maybe the shortest and the longest, and then you’ll layer in one of your other necklaces? That works too.

lucky brand layered necklace
Looking through the necklaces on their site, it turns out that there’s many different styles with the same, convertible design. Here are a couple more.

lucky brand necklace
lucky brand layered necklace
I know many readers have asked me how to keep layered necklaces from tangling, and this design is a great solution! And don’t delay–they’re having 30% off right now!

4 thoughts on “Lucky Brand Layered Necklaces”

  1. Very nice! Thanks for the details.
    I have a layered sterling silver necklace that was a gift from the Smithsonian Gift shop, and I wear it often. It was made by Native American Indians. It has matching earrings, although I have never worn them. It is twisted, simple & elegant.

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