What’s better than a gracious, handsome Italian gentleman with a twinkle in his eye? One that designs incredible jewelry! That exactly describes Sergio Antonini, the designer of the venerable Milan jewelry line, Antonini. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sergio at the Couture show, and he gave me a tour of his lovely line.

sergio antonini and amy roseveare
Founded by his grandfather in 1919, where he started in dealing loose stones, the line has steadily grown. Sergio, an architect by trade, took over in 1989. It’s clear that his training in architecture and his love for the islands in southern Italy were instrumental in his Vulcano collection. I was quick to try on a this diamond ring. Fabulous, right?!

antonini vulcano ring
They comes in three different sizes.

antonini vulcano rings
The finish on these pieces is very unique. It’s made from gold over rhodium; it’s carved under heat, so that the black shows through. You can really visualize the flow of lava in each and every item. I tried on one of the cuff bracelets.

antonini vulcano bracelet
Another cuff I was wild about is from his Aurea collection, inspired by the Latin word for gold. Its sinuous, organic shape was so comfortable to wear. And who can resist the sparkle of the pave diamonds?

antonini aurea cuff
It’s also made in white gold with diamonds.

antonini aurea cuff
I really admired the Anniversary collection, celebrating 90 years of jewelry design. The finish on the hammered rose gold was especially intriguing, as it wasn’t quite brushed, yet it had a soft glow.

antonini anniversary collection necklace
Antonini also has some exquisite pieces using precious colored stones as well. Take a look as these.

antonini jewelry
antonini ring
antonini snake earrings
The curves, the sensuality, and the sparkle of this line are wonderful. If you’d like a closer look, then click here to find a retail location near you.

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