Hawaiian Bangles

If you follow my Jewelry Fashion Tips Facebook page (and if you don’t, “like” it right away — there’s tons of goodies on it!), then you know that I was enjoying myself in Hawaii last week. I was staying with friends who live there, so one of my first stops was the local grocery store to stock up on my fave foods. The cashier’s wrists caught my eye right away, adorned in traditional gold Hawaiian bracelets.

Traditional Hawaiian Bracelets
Traditional Hawaiian Bracelets

Known as Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelets, they are inscribed with names and sentiments just for the person who wears them. They first became popular back in the 1860’s, and their popularity certainly doesn’t seem to have waned. I saw them all over Oahu on wrists of all ages!

During my stay on the island, I noticed yet another Hawaiian bracelet trend — lovely slim bangles, either in silver or gold, enhanced with a single charm. I saw charms ranging from shells to Tahitian pearls to sea glass. While in Sand People (a popular beach-themed chain store on the islands) in Kailua, I saw these lovely examples with Tahitian pearls designed by Oahu-based Beach Girl Jewels.

Simply elegant!
Simply elegant!

I was also on the lookout for bangles by Hula Hoops, which is a Maui-based designer, as this is where my friend Jeanette found some beauties! When she stacks a bunch of them together, here’s how it looks.

Jeanette's "simple" stack
Jeanette’s “simple” stack

When she takes it a step further, incorporating other bracelets, the result is simply stunning!

Totally unique and fabulous stack!
Totally unique and fabulous stack!

I must admit, that I did come back to the mainland with a singular bangle. (Aren’t you immensely impressed with my restraint?!) I’ve decided that I will add additional bangles on future trips. Meanwhile, I look forward to adding my new “addition” to some of my creative bracelet combinations. Aloha!

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Bangles”

    1. You’re funny, Megan! I got the top bangle on the bottle picture–silver with a single charcoal pearl. 🙂

    1. Good question. I asked a few friends who wear them, and they said it doesn’t matter which side you wear them on. 🙂

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