Druzy Headband: Jewelry Judge

While out to dinner one evening at Chuck’s in Ko Olina last week (such a luxury to eat al fresco in January!!), I came across a lovely sixteen year-old, who had a very cool outfit on — fitted dark-wash skinny jeans, a peach silk blouse with black detail, and grey suede wedges. I would describe her look as polished, a little preppy, yet with a nod to vintage. Her ensemble was topped off by a charming pixie haircut and a fabulous druzy headband. (gotta love bling for the hair!)

I love the subtle sparkle!
I love the subtle sparkle!

In chatting with her, I learned that she owns about 15 different headbands, and wears one just about every day. While the pixie and the headband are definitely on-trend, she really makes it her own with her wardrobe choices. The complete effect is someone with a strong sense of personal style at a young age. Awesome!

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    1. That’s a great question, Maureen. I must say that I’ve been seeing this mostly on the young gals (teens/20’s), but there are exceptions to every rule, right? I think you’d really have to try it on an individual and see if it goes with their personal style without looking like they’re trying to look too young.

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