Hand Jewelry by Colette Steckel

While at Couture in Las Vegas, it was so fun visiting the booths of designers that I interviewed last year! Colette’s new designs were overwhelmingly creative and beautiful. She had well over 100 unique pieces — how does she have the time?! The one I just HAVE to share with you is this amazing hand jewelry, crafted in just one piece with sparkling diamonds and emeralds. Have you ever seen anything like it? I certainly haven’t!

Here's how it looks on the hand....
Here’s how it looks on the hand….

And here's how it looks off...
And here’s how it looks off…

With hand and body jewelry becoming increasingly popular, it’s clear that Colette is at the forefront of this movement. You can find some of Colette’s work at Fragments in NYC. (one of my fave stores!!) And I also want to congratulate Colette on winning a Couture Design Award this year in the category of diamonds below $20,000. Well deserved!!

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