Moritz Glik: Designer

I love approaching the different booths at the Couture show in Las Vegas– it’s like being a kid in a candy shop, and there are countless treats to be savored. That’s just how I felt when meeting Moritz Glik and trying on some of his amazing collection!

moritz glik and amy roseveare

Born and raised in Brazil, Moritz came to the US in 1991. Though he was an extremely talented shoe designer, he eventually made the shift to jewelry-making. Buying the tools and teaching himself the art, Moritz started his own line about 12 years ago. He is famous for designing pieces that have diamonds that appear to be “floating” in a shaker-like concept. Take these earrings, for example — they have diamonds enclosed in double white sapphires. Have you ever seen anything like it?

moritz glik earrings

The champagne rose cut diamonds in these earrings with pink gold and blackened silver, are truly unique. (This is his first collection where he’s used pink gold.) You can see how he is inspired by antique jewelry, yet he hand-crafts something so contemporary.

moritz glik champagne earrings

I was drawn to his link bracelets with various “charms.” Here’s one from his new kaleidoscope collection with a blackened silver chain along with yellow and white diamonds in the charms.

moritz glik bracelet

I tried one on, and it melded beautifully with my bracelet stack. Love it!!


Here is a cool trio of his designs.

moritz glik bracelet stack

He also makes some substantial cuffs. This one makes a bold statement. As Moritz told me, “I bring downtown cool wearability to diamonds.” Agreed!

This is a "wow" piece!
This is a “wow” piece!

His collection of rings also showcase his floating diamonds. I particularly adore this large one with white and champagne diamonds.

mortiz glik ring

Not only is Moritz branching out with pink gold this time around, but he’s also started using colored stones. This necklace has both diamonds and colored sapphires.

moritz glik necklace

You can find Moritz’s line sold at many retailers around the globe, including at Fragments in NYC. Definitely worth checking out!

Elizabeth and James Jewelry Line

I must admit that I’ve had a fascination with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ever since they shared the role of the youngest Tanner daughter on Full House. Fast forward about 25 years, and these twins are a fashion force to be reckoned with! They even won the coveted CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award in 2012 for their line, The Row! I, of course, was thrilled when they launched a fashion jewelry line under their Elizabeth and James label. I was extremely please to meet with Jocelyn Helm, the head designer for the line (and a twin herself!) for the second year in a row at the Couture jewelry show.

Amy and Jocelyn
Amy and Jocelyn

Jocelyn has been designing the line for about 4 years now, and I must say that I’ve been a huge fan since its inception. I have a couple pieces from when she launched the line (which are still among my fave items in my jewelry box), and I seem to keep adding to my collection. I appreciate the price points and how you really get big looks that are affordable. This line does an excellent job at melding “uptown sophistication and feminine detail” with “laid-back, downtown edge.” One of the collections shown this year is called Berlin. It’s comprised of pieces with bold, linear lines, and it’s inspired by old-world ironwork and European windowpanes. Metals include black ruthenium and yellow gold plate with white topaz, black spinel, lapis, carnelian and black onyx. Here’s a pair of earrings from this group.

elizabeth and james berlin earrings

I fell in love with this cuff from the same collection when I saw it locally, at Wilke’s Bashford in San Francisco. Yes, it went home with me, and I love how I feel so modern and a bit edgy when I wear it.

elizabeth and james berlin cuff

I was also very intrigued by another new collection, called Northern Star. The cohesive note here was the “delicate compass stars (which are) evocative of vintage Vicotrian era.” The pieces are comprised of all-natural white topaz, carnelian, lapis, and green onyx with yellow gold plated designs. I love these two rings from this group! (both available at They show the range in style within the collection, yet with a unifying theme of the star points.

Northern Star Statement Ring
Northern Star Statement Ring

Norther Star Large Cabochon Ring
Norther Star Large Cabochon Ring

Finally, I got a sneak peek at their resort line called Metropolis, clearly named for the amazing skyline of New York City. With an art deco feel, the pieces are bold and colorful. These earrings are crafted from amazonite, lapis, and created rubies and sapphires.

elizabeth and james metropolis earrings

While at the show, I was lusting after this chunky chain plated brass bracelet with an amazonite clasp. Love it!! Perhaps I’ll see it in a store soon…

elizabeth and james metropolis bracelet

If this line interests you, then I encourage you to try on some of the pieces at a retailer near you!

Hand Jewelry by Colette Steckel

While at Couture in Las Vegas, it was so fun visiting the booths of designers that I interviewed last year! Colette’s new designs were overwhelmingly creative and beautiful. She had well over 100 unique pieces — how does she have the time?! The one I just HAVE to share with you is this amazing hand jewelry, crafted in just one piece with sparkling diamonds and emeralds. Have you ever seen anything like it? I certainly haven’t!

Here's how it looks on the hand....
Here’s how it looks on the hand….

And here's how it looks off...
And here’s how it looks off…

With hand and body jewelry becoming increasingly popular, it’s clear that Colette is at the forefront of this movement. You can find some of Colette’s work at Fragments in NYC. (one of my fave stores!!) And I also want to congratulate Colette on winning a Couture Design Award this year in the category of diamonds below $20,000. Well deserved!!