Boaz Kashi: Designer

Boaz Kashi is a famous household name in Israel, and I had the pleasure of meeting him stateside at the Couture jewlery show. This charming designer has an extremely unique line — it’s raw, edgy and sculptural all at the same time.

Boaz and Amy
Boaz and Amy

I tried on this ring, with wrapped metal and stunning diamonds.

boaz kashi ring

Here’s another ring, which truly shows his unique aesthetic.

boaz kashi ring

Founded in 1889 by his grandfather, Boaz is a 3rd generation jeweler. He has been designing for about 15 years now, and he’s really taking the line in a powerful direction. Here is a bracelet made from wire-wrapped lava stones, highlighted with a spattering of colored gemstones.

How did he think of this design?
How did he think of this design?

This bracelet is substantial, to say the least. It’s crafted from 18K blackened solid gold with diamonds and a huge Tourmaline.

boaz kashi bracelet

Finally, this cuff is just amazing, rough and elegant at the same time. It is made from 18K oxidized white gold, set with diamonds in 24K gold frames. I think it’s a work of art!

boaz kashi cuff

I can see this line worn by a variety of personal styles, from the rocker to the bohemian and beyond. He says his jewelry is, “…pieces to fall in love with, a reflection of self, a mirror to the owner’s personality and life style.” Would you like to have a piece of Boaz’s work in your jewelry box? I certainly would!

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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anywhere around here that sells his line, Maureen! But if there’s something you love, you can contact him through his website. 🙂

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