Bountiful Bracelets: Jewelry Judge

While browsing the shops in Los Altos, CA over the weekend, I was completely impressed with the way this young woman stacked her bracelets! The way she combined earth tones of vintage and new created perfect harmony and visual interest. The one furthest up her arm belonged to her mother, the gold bangle in the middle she received in 5th grade, the woven one is by Tai, and the one closest to her wrist is by DanniJo. Bravo!

stacked bracelets
An inspired combination!

Modern Cocktail Ring: Jewelry Judge

While being unexpectedly entertained at a middle school production of “Anything Goes” on Saturday night, I was equally impressed with the ring on the woman sitting next to me. It once belonged to her mother-in-law, who apparently had a very well-edited style. Her wardrobe was full of black, white, pops of red and accented by extremely modern jewelry. This ring, with it’s large scale and simplistic design creates some real drama for the wearer. Love it!

modern ring
Modern approach to a cocktail ring

Bauble-icious: Jewelry Judge

I spied this waif of a thing at Nordstrom in Palo Alto. She was sporting the latest style with her skinny, colored jeans, but what really made the outfit was her statement necklace.

jewelry judge
The necklace makes it!

The iridescence of the beads complements the sheen of her feminine leather jacket. And while you may be surprised that such a petite person can carry such a chunky necklace, there’s no doubt that she can. Rock it, girlfriend!

Pink earrings gone wrong!: Jewelry Judge

So I found myself lunching at Stanford Mall yesterday. Half way through the meal, a couple of beautiful women sat down just two tables away. Long hair, perfect skin, designer bags…but what was on that one woman’s ears?! Was is a teenager’s bracelet? Oy! She would have looked amazing had she opted for a simpler earring, better in scale with both her own personal features and the necklace she was wearing. I know that color is THE thing for spring, but really, these earrings just need to go!

jewelry judge earrings
Such a pretty woman, and such horrible earrings!

Layer it on: Jewelry Judge

I was lunching in the Neiman’s cafe in San Francisco today, when I spied this woman with just the right necklaces layered together. Not too much, not too wimpy, but just right. (Goldilocks would be pleased.) What could have been just an ordinary jean and black top turned into a head-turning ensemble with the addition of the killer necklaces and the pop of color with the scarf. In addition, the scarf carries the circular design element of the main necklace and her watch echoes the nutmeg color in the scarf. Well done!

layered necklaces
Now this combo has some umph!

Turquoise Cuff: Jewelry Judge

So while I’m out and about each day, I have to say that I do pay attention to the jewelry people adorn themselves with. Some get at A+, while others…not so much. I thought that I’d start a new, random mini-post series called “Jewelry Judge,” where I basically accost people on the street who grab my attention and post either their jewelry “do” or their jewelry “don’t.” Now not all of you may agree with my opinion on said victim, but that’s the joy in accessorizing. I’d love to hear your opinions as well.

So here’s my first subject, who I definitely think got it right. While shopping at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto yesterday, I spied a stylish woman who clearly wasn’t showing her true age, yet she also looked age-appropriate. (I hate it when women dress too young!)

The item that drew my attention was this FABulous bold, gold cuff embellished with chunks of turquoise. Yum!!

turquoise cuff
Nice finishing touch!