Turquoise Cuff: Jewelry Judge

So while I’m out and about each day, I have to say that I do pay attention to the jewelry people adorn themselves with. Some get at A+, while others…not so much. I thought that I’d start a new, random mini-post series called “Jewelry Judge,” where I basically accost people on the street who grab my attention and post either their jewelry “do” or their jewelry “don’t.” Now not all of you may agree with my opinion on said victim, but that’s the joy in accessorizing. I’d love to hear your opinions as well.

So here’s my first subject, who I definitely think got it right. While shopping at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto yesterday, I spied a stylish woman who clearly wasn’t showing her true age, yet she also looked age-appropriate. (I hate it when women dress too young!)

The item that drew my attention was this FABulous bold, gold cuff embellished with chunks of turquoise. Yum!!

turquoise cuff
Nice finishing touch!

5 thoughts on “Turquoise Cuff: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Amy – I always look forward to your blog on my RSS feed. It has encouraged me to actually start to focus on accessories!

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