Pink earrings gone wrong!: Jewelry Judge

So I found myself lunching at Stanford Mall yesterday. Half way through the meal, a couple of beautiful women sat down just two tables away. Long hair, perfect skin, designer bags…but what was on that one woman’s ears?! Was is a teenager’s bracelet? Oy! She would have looked amazing had she opted for a simpler earring, better in scale with both her own personal features and the necklace she was wearing. I know that color is THE thing for spring, but really, these earrings just need to go!

jewelry judge earrings
Such a pretty woman, and such horrible earrings!

3 thoughts on “Pink earrings gone wrong!: Jewelry Judge”

    1. Well basically I told her that her dramatic earrings had definitely caught my attention (which is the truth!) and asked if I could snap a picture of them. She was more than happy to and never asked why. Easy! 🙂

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