What Do You Want to Read?

As I approach my 400th article (400?!), I can’t help but ask you what you’d like to learn, read about, or honestly just look at for eye candy. As a blogger, I’ve learned a lot these past 4+ years. Meeting and interviewing talented designers, commenting on trends, sharing cool stores while traveling, and more. And in other ways, I still feel like a total newbie.

What constantly surprises me is what’s popular with you, my readers. Sometimes I can spend countless hours researching and writing a post that I think will go viral, and it flops with only 100 page views. At other times, something I write just at the spur of the moment can garner multiple thousands of views. I have yet to figure out what makes certain posts successful, but I’m eager to investigate. What makes you want to read a post?? What rocks your boat??

Just for your reading pleasure (and in case you’ve missed something along the way), these have been my top 10 posts ever.

Dior Earrings: Just a Trend? Or a New Classic?

Observations on Portland, Oregon (And this wasn’t even a post about jewelry!)

5 Fab Pinterest Jewelry Boards

Ear Climbers for Beginners

Skinny Stacking Rings: Mix ‘Em up!

Alicia Van Fleteren Jewelry Giveaway (This I get, as we were giving away a gorgeous necklace!)

Oscar 2015 Jewelry Report

UrbanSpace, Meatpacking District

Scrabble Jewelry

Jackie O’s Charm Bracelet

With these posts as inspiration, what’s your biggest jewelry desire? I greatly appreciate any comments on this article about what you want to see and read. Please leave them in the comment section below. Or if you want to contact me directly, you can do so at [email protected]. I know you are a creative, inquisitive, and stylish group, and I want to hear from you!

I’d also like to let you know that I won’t be posting any articles for a couple weeks. I’ve got friends visiting from abroad, and then I’m off to the big jewelry shows in Las Vegas. I will return with lots of new ideas (including the ones you suggest below), so get ready. Of course, you can always keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook in the meantime.

May your day sparkle, and I’ll see you soon! xo

6 thoughts on “What Do You Want to Read?”

  1. OK, Amy… Here’s a question. What does a girl wear on her wedding band finger when she’s past the stage of wanting to get married again. Is it just a matter of individual taste or personal style? I love rings but that finger feels naked! Should it be a statement ring, stacked or multiple small rings, any particular stones (like my birthstone)??? I’d love your opinion.

  2. Some of my favorite postings are when your out and about….
    Jewelry Judge!
    Not sure if I enjoy the good or bad pics the most.
    Actually I enjoy every thing you post, because Im still perfecting my fashion.

    1. Ah, yes…jewelry judge is most definitely popular, and I’ll make an effort to write more of those. 🙂

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