Venessa Arizaga: Designer

One of the things I just love about this time of year, is that all the new merchandise for the season is arriving in the stores. I love seeing the boxes stacked up on the floor while store employees are eagerly unpacking new items out of the shiny, cellophane bags. It’s like Christmas come early! So, I make it a mission to really do the rounds, hitting all my favorite boutiques and department stores to make sure I don’t miss a thing! (because that, of course, would be a tragedy!)

Yesterday one of my visits was to Les Deux Copines in Burlingame, CA. I was just drawn to the necklace on the manequin in the window, and I had to investigate further.

les deux copines necklace
What’s around her neck??

Upon closer inspection, I was even more enamored of the edgy necklace, which really brought personality and individuality to the outfit.

venessa arizaga necklace

Come to find out that this super-cool creation is by Venessa Arizaga, who I one day hope to meet in person. I would describe her designs as fashion-forward, definitely with some edge, yet with a user-friendly vibe. Honestly, I’ve never seen a collection quite like it.

Look at this bracelet. I adore the juxtaposition of the woven silk colored thread with the heavier gauge chain. It’s like good-girl meets rocker, all in one piece.

venessa arizaga bracelet
I think I could picture myself rockin’ this…

As a life-long traveler and lover of the exotic, Venessa really puts a unique spin into her line. I was really drawn to these two necklaces. One, which plays with the uber-current neon trend, and the second, which I can really envision transitioning into fall, with a cream sweater and leather leggings.

venessa arizaga necklace
Just the right amount of neon!

venessa arizaga necklace
It has the feeling of an avant-guard sweater, yet for your neck!

Finally, I loved the irreverence in this pearl necklace. The small skull bead really says it all. Would you dare to wear it? Does is sync with your personal style? I certainly know a few people that this would work perfectly on!

venessa arizaga necklace
Perhaps not the right string of pearls for the PTA meeting

So yes, I’m intrigued. Have I purchased a piece yet? No, not yet, but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Can’t wait to see what ships next for the season!