March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Even though it’s not my birthstone I’m quite partial to the aquamarine, with its oceanic hues of light blue to blue-green. Named after the Latin word “aqua marinus,” meaning water of the sea, this stone is associated with all things ocean. It’s said to protect travelers on the sea, and those traveling near water. Aquamarines come from Brazil and Columbia and are part of the beryl family. Among the qualities associated with this birthstone are:

-inspires truth and letting go
-aids in articulation and clear speaking
-helps one release emotional baggage
-stone of courage
-brings peace and serenity

I like it — especially the “letting go” part, as my word for 2016 is release. Given how much I love the shades of aquamarine, I was eager to embark upon my virtual shopping spree and see what I could find. In no particular order…

Amy Gregg rectangular aquamarine mirror ring

amy gregg mirror rectangular cocktail ring
Rosanne Pugliese oval aquamarine pendant

rosanne pugliese 22k and large oval aquamarine pendant
Gabriella Kiss large rectangular aquamarine earrings

gabriella kiss 18k and large rectangular aquamarine earrings
Margioni aquamarine and diamond ring

margoni yellow gold, sterling silver, aquamarine and diamond ring
Meira T milky aquamarine and diamond necklace

meira t diamond, milky aquamarine, 14k rose gold and 14k yellow gold pendant necklace
Monique Pean long geometric aquamarine earrings

monique pean geometric long drop aquamarine earrings
L Frank aquamarine and diamond baguette ring

l frank aquamarine and diamond baguette ring
Jacquie Aiche aquamarine small bar stud earrings

jacquie aiche aquamarine and yellow gold small bar stud earrings
Jennifer Dawes mineral asymmetrical aquamarine necklace

jennifer dawes mineral asymmetrical aquamarine necklace
Michelle Fantaci open king ring with blue diamonds and aquamarine

michelle fantaci open king ring with blue dimaonds and aquamarine
Ten Thousand Things large aquamarine cage pendant

ten thousand things large aquamarine cage pendant
Selim Mouzannar caged aquamarine and tanzanite ring

selim mouzannar caged aquamarine and tanzanite ring
If I had a bottomless wallet, I think I’d just have to buy them all. Which piece is your favorite? And if you’ve got a birthday this month, may all your birthday wishes come true!

Ice, Ice Baby: Rock Crystal Jewelry

I know that much of the country is being slammed with snow and ice as of late, and it got me thinking about rock crystal (also known as quartz crystal), as it resembles ice. In fact, its name comes from the Greek word for ice, according to The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian (A great reference book!). I’ve always been drawn to the stone, from my fascination with crystal balls as a child, to the crystal pendants I wore around my neck throughout college. Even today, I have quite a few rock crystal items I adore. This stone is said to heighten spiritual awareness, generate prosperity, and alleviate stress, among other things. Here’s some of my favorite rock crystal pieces I have collected over the years.

rock crystal jewelry
One of the things I love about rock crystal is that the price point isn’t necessarily super high. You can find lovely items for not a lot of money, and continue on up to very expensive ones. In addition, there’s designs for all different personal styles, from organic bohemian to refined up-town lady, and the the fact that it’s colorless makes it very easy to work into your wardrobe. I took a virtual shopping tour, and I found some gorgeous pieces I think you may enjoy (in no particular order).

Efva Attling “Define Normal” pendant

efva attling definte normal pendant
Raw Elements ring

raw elements jewelry rock quartz ring
Temple St. Clair earrings

temple st. clair rock crystal amulet drop earrings
Ten Thousand Things necklace

ten thousand things crystal and diamond bead drop necklace
Diane von Furstenberg, for H.Stern, rings

Melissa Joy Manning earrings

melissa joy manning rock crystal drop earrings
Ransom Jewelry necklace

ransom jewelry rock crystal arrow necklace
H.Stern bracelet

h.stern rock crystal bracelet
Monica Rich Kosann necklace

monica rich kosann rock crystal oval key necklace
So what about you? Do you own any rock crystal pieces? Is this something that you’re attracted to? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you’re one of the people buried in snow, please stay warm and safe!